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January 2, 2018
By dominicdelgado BRONZE, Victorville, California
dominicdelgado BRONZE, Victorville, California
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There was a family that was driving on a road trip going through texas where there was nothing around for miles. Every hundred miles there would be a gas station and they did not stop for any until they finally needed gas and the car suddenly stopped there there was no one around for miles the family started walking, leaving the car behind. The family kept walking until they found an abandoned house and they decided to use it for shelter because it was getting dark. The parents were worried that they would not get home in time so they dont miss work and lose money or the house. To prevent this from happening the father would have to invest more time into his hobbies, develope his hunting skills, and be more aware of his surroundings.


The father would occasionally think about his hobbies and would wonder when his nexi moto race was. The mother was thinking about her job because if she didn't get to work then she would not get paid. Both of them were worried about how they would survive in the middle of texas. The family rested through the night until morning came and they started again. As they were traveling they saw a gas station in the distance and started for that and as they got closer the gas station looked further away, it was at that moment they realized they were having they kept the same hallucination, so it was not there, but they kept going for that. As they traveled the hallucinations stopped and the family stopped seeing things that weren't there.


So while the family was walking they  are thirsty and hungry so the father had his pocket knife and he has hunting skills so he looks for something to kill and eat so they will not die of starvation. So as there walking the father spots a rabbit and throws his blade at it and misses so he picks it back up and keeps looking for more   rabbits to kill. The father seezs another one and tries to kill it and eat it to survive. The family share it but it's not enough to fill anyone up. The family rests until morning and start again. Today the family is thinking that this is it and that there gonna die here in the middle of nowhere and no one would ever know where they were or how they died.

The family was moving and they saw another gas station but they thought it was another mind trick until they had the urge to go to it. The family was heading into its direction and then they finally got there and they bought food and water to survive. The father needed a gas can so he went in the store and asked if they were selling them, the man said “yup” then the father said “how much” the man said “$40.00”. After a little talking the father persuaded the man to go and tow his car from to where they had broken down. The mother and the children stayed at the store and the father and manager went to get the car and as they were driving the man turned around and said “i forgot the tow gear” and they were almost out there so it took a while for them to get back and when they got back the man said that his truck needed gas or he would  be next. The gas took about 5 minutes and they were on the road again. They finally got back and filled the gar with gas they were on there way.

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i liked it

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