Billy's Last Float

December 20, 2017
By Anonymous

One day, after purchasing a new boat, Billy decided that he wanted to drive down the river and show off his boat to anyone who might see it. To take it a step further he had decided to take his shirt off as well because Billy was cool like that. After he figured out how to operate his new boat he finally took off down the river. Along the way he drove past many other older fishermen who he yelled to about his new boat. They all ignored Billy and went on with their days.

After of long day of bragging to others about his fancy new boat he got tired and began the trip home. As he neared the shore he noticed some dark figures swimming beneath the water.  He thought little of and continued toward the shore. But just as he reached the shore an alligator jumped onto his boat and began to reach for him with its mouth. Billy began to panic and started calling for help, but there was no one in sight to help him.

After realizing that he probably shouldn’t have bragged about his boat to everyone he saw he knew he was alone in dealing with the alligator. But as he was calling for help the alligator had managed to get the upper half up of its body onto the boat. By then Billy was panicking and ran to the other side of the boat. After a few minutes of frantic paddling Billy managed to get the boat close enough to shore for him to jump onto it. As he ran off into the trees he saw a few men laughing at him it was then he learned his lesson and never used his boat again.

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