That Day

December 20, 2017
By bgeraets BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
bgeraets BRONZE, Flandreau, South Dakota
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    I wake up to screaming again, but time, I also heard the smashing of furniture. Rolling out of the bed, feeling the cold floor on my bare feet, I drag myself to the bathroom, slamming the door in the process. The screaming stops then went to whispers. I brushed my teeth, then did my hair. My days are always like this. I should be used to it by now, I thought. Then walked back to my room to get dressed. I dressed in black jeans with a black Wilk hoodie. I heard a door slam, then crying. That means dad ran away from his problems again. Now I have to deal with mom. I slipped my converse on, grabbed my school bag, and walked downstairs.

    “Hi, mom,” I mumbled, grabbing a pop tart.
“Do you know what he said this time?! He said that I’m not good enough.” Her mascara was running, and she threw her hands around. “I gave him everything. Can you believe that he would say that?!”
“No Mom. I have to get to school. See you when I get home,” with that, I ran out the door. The cold wind brushed against my skin when I stepped outside of the warm house. It was dark and gloomy out, but I like it this way. That means there's a possibility of a storm, and I like storms. My life is a storm, an unexpected storm. I was brought out of my thoughts by a car rushing past me. Looking up I saw a convertible, with a bunch of girls laughing and having a good time. I kept walking until another car rushed past. It was the “popular” boys in their sports car. They stopped and got out, coming over to me. One pulled my backpack back, making me fall to the ground.
“Whats up, nerd? Do you have my homework?” Axel asked I nodded, grabbing it out of my bag. With shaky hands, I handed it to him. “What grade did I get?” he asked.
“A-a.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “A B-B.”
“Do you really think that Mr. B is going to believe that I’m capable of getting a B?!” his face grew red.
“Ya. Cause you got a b.” My stuttering went away.
“Don’t talk back to me!” he yells, then starts to beat me. Then his friends join in. They finally leave, I get up feeling the aching all over, the blood from my nose is dripping onto the ground. Forgetting about school, I walk back home.

    The rain pelts the window. The wind beats against the house. The thunder rumbles. That's all I hear. I couldn’t hear the tears streaming down my face, or my parents screaming at each other. All I hear is the storm, all I feel is the stinging. I run the blade over my arm again, but this time deeper. I just keep cutting, feeling nothing. It feels nice. It felt familiar. I can’t move my arms anymore. Blood pools under my arm. My eyes droop, sleep welcomes me, and I let it.
    I wake up with EMTs surrounding me, my mom is in the corner crying, and my dad is nowhere in sight. Someone reaches a handout, trying to touch my neck. My hand swaths them away. The problem is that it went right through. I got up and walked over to my mom.
    “Mom. I’m ok. I’m here.” I tried touching her shoulder, but it didn’t work.
“Is my baby going to be ok?” her shaky voice asked. Tears still dripping down her face. One of the EMTs came over a sad look on his face.
“This is the worst part of my job. Your daughter was not breathing for long periods of time. We are rushing her to the hospital, where she will be airlifted to a bigger facility that will be able to help her.” My mom broke down. I watched as they wheeled my lifeless body out and into the ambulance. The man helped my mom out and put her next to me. I watched as she cried holding my hand. Once we got to the hospital doctors rushed out, then ran back in, trying to save me. I didn’t want to be saved, I wanted to be free.
“Mrs. Lee.” The doctor came out. My mom stood up. “Let's talk somewhere more private.” He brought my mom back to an office. “I’m sorry to say this, but your daughter didn’t make it.” With that, my mom broke down crying, and I faded away. The next thing I know I’m at school, in front of my locker.
“Just this morning we saw her, and we beat her up. What if she did it because of us?” Derek asked he was one of the boys from this morning. “What if we caused her to kill herself?”
“Good,” Axel said, looking at his two best friends.
“Couldn’t we be put in jail? I mean we drove her to kill herself, and you did tell her to do it.” Josh came into the conversation.
“It’s done and over with. Just drop it.” Axel said, looking at my locker, then back at his friends. I saw regret flash in his eyes.
“I know you liked her, but you did this yourself. Blackmailing us into bullying her, is not a good way to win over a girl you like.” Derek said, then walked away with Josh, then everything went black.

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