The little sadist

December 19, 2017

She was crouched behind her bed, eyes darting back and forth between her cousin and the door. The light was illuminating his sinister face. His eyes were wide and his mouth set into a grim smile as he repeatedly stabbed the man in front of him. He was facing an angle where she could see both his face and the activities in front of him. He gave a sweet little giggle that juxtaposed what he was doing. The blood-curdling scream of the man in front of him echoed into the bedroom, drowning out the sweet joyous laughter of the kids playing outside.
She stifled a gasp when suddenly the smile left his face and he looked straight at her with his big green eyes.
“Play with me!” he demanded, his lips curling into a pout.
“Uh..w- well,” she hesitated eyes darting towards the door.
“I- I can’t”
“Why?” he demanded again, his eyebrows furrowing in anger.
“School,” she quickly replied, while slowly making her way towards the door.
“You don’t go to school its summer.”
“Yes, well I have to go to work you see, so I can’t.” her back was against the door, arms bent at a weird angle trying to get the door to open.
“Sorry, I’m busy.”
He stared straight at her for a few seconds, before suddenly charging head first towards her.
“Oof!, stop it!”
“I can’t I swear!” she kept repeating while trying to block his head from charging at her again, but he wasn’t listening.  Instead, he snapped his jaws at her and started to make growling noises. When he started to bite her, she picked him up from the floor and threw him on the bed, he struggled, eyes filling up with tears, before--
”No one wants to play with me,” he said softly.
“Ugh OK, fine,” she conceded, rolling her eyes. She gazed at the man on the floor, torn up and bloodied, his eyes filled with desperation, little pleas falling from his lips.
“But I get to kill him.”

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