Two Brothers

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

This story is about two brothers named Ragnar and Rollo. They were living in a small town named Shadowbay. Ragnar was the younger brother of Rollo. Ragnar was smart but Rollo has no interested in Study and going to school. They both were in same grades. Their parents use to love Rollo more than Ragnar because they think he was smart, but he uses to copy and stealing Ragnar homework and classwork. They treated Ragnar very poorly.

Ragnar try’s to tell his parents the truth but no one believes it. They punish him for lying. Rollo uses to beat Ragnar if he doesn't do his classwork and homework and he trying to tell someone about the truth. They both pass the Middle School and now they were in 11 grades. Ragnar was preparing for the SAT test so he can get Scholarship. Rollo starts using drugs and chemical things, he still has no interest in School and Study.

Rollo parents don't know about his drugs addiction. Rollo’s behavior was changing, his parents thought that maybe he is not ready SAT, so that’s why his behavior is changing. On the day of SAT, Rollo left school early and force Ragnar to write his early on SAT and his information. Ragnar does as he was told. School sends SAT to their parent. Their parents were angry on Ragnar because Rollo told them that he didn’t come to school that day and didn’t took his SAT. On hearing this, they punished Ragnar.

Rollo starts taking double the amountof Drugs and his health was becoming worse and worse. Their parent decides to take him to hospital. The Doctor told them to do some test. Ragnar was also sick but his parent decides to not take him to doctor and gave him sleep bills. Their parents were shocked to see Rollo test report results, that he is using drugs and have the last stage of lung cancer. The Doctor told them that he won’t be able to live long.

Rollo finally told his parent about Ragnar situation that he did all the work and he was smart is study. He finally admits that he used to steal Ragnar homework and classwork. They parent apologize to Ragnar for not listening to him and the way they use to treat him. Rollo died after a couple of months. Ragnar finish his medical college and became a Doctor, so he can help poor people and he starts an anti-drugs campaign. He later became the number 1 doctor in America. Now, three of them live happily.

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