It's All About Her

December 19, 2017
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Heavy breathing, heart racing, tears flowing, mind not straight. A little girl with rosy cheeks, big blue eyes, and beautiful long blonde hair. Running as fast as she could. “Momma!” she yelled “Momma don’t leaving me” she yelled louder, this time with tears fall down her cheeks. “Don't go!” she screamed even louder than before. “DON’T LET ME FALL INTO THE ABYSS! DON’T LET ME DISAPPEAR!” she was now running as fast as she could to get to her mother. She couldn’t get close enough as her mother seemed to be floating away but she was only walking she wasn't running away from her. Her mother kept walking not hearing her own daughter screaming as if her life depended on it. The child screamed and no one flinched. No one seemed to even notice her presence.
“Momma please..” the daughter said softly as she slowed down in her tracks. “Momma.. I’m sorry this all was my fault” The little girl turns around and walks into the middle of the road where another girl lays there. Cars crashed into each other, both covered in blood all over the windshields as if it someone threw paintballs at it. The people in the cars were already out explaining to the officers about what had happened in the first place.
An officer beside the crying girl said to another “Name? Kimi Kaharu. Age? Thirteen. Height? Exactly four feet and five inches. School? Home schooled. Mother? Lacy Kaharu. Father? Unknown.” The officer names off the detail of the child lying in the road, bloody, not breathing, not moving, not alive. 
The crying child that once was chasing her mother sits down in the middle of the road next to the dead child in the road. No one seemed to notice. Raising her hand slightly as she pets the child's hair softly. “I’m sorry momma… i must have made you so sad on your birthday.” The child cries into her hands “Look what i have done!” She screams out loud but no one buges still not noticing “I was so clumsy! If only I watched where I was going, Momma!” She cries more and looks at the cold, pale, lifeless body.
“This is my fault” the tears fall off her face onto her own cold trembling hands. “You died because of me poor child” she sniffed loudly. “Maybe I if I didn't have accidently killed this lifeless body, then maybe instead of crying, Momma. You’d be happy and we would be having fun together.” The child’s tears fall. “This body here that lays in front of me. That had such a lively and beautiful life, was taken away in a instant because of me. That person is now gone forever and is never coming back.”
The child seemed to slowly fade away almost see through like glass. “This body that used to hug her mother. This body that used to feel warm that's now cold and soul less.. This body was mine. I was too clumsy and fell into the middle of the road and since i'm so short when i stood up it was too late for cars that seemed to be gaining speed. It was too late for them to slow. One car swerved out of the way. I tried running but on came another car. They crashed. Blood was splattered across bother windshields. I had died in a accident but i died with two cars pinning me in the middle. I was dead before anyone could get out of the car.” tears fall down her face like a waterfall as she tells the dead girl lying in the middle of the road, the body that was once hers. “I’m sorry”
The girl stood up as her body slowly faded away like white crystal ashes flowing into the night sky. She began to walk in the direction where her mother last was hoping to somehow get to her mother. It was no use, the more she moved away from her physical body the quicker she faded away. At that moment she knew she would never get to tell her mother goodbye. She would never find love, she would never marry or have children, she would never even find out who her real father is besides a figure on a old piece of paper.“Goodbye” was the last thing she could say, because at that moment there was nothing left of her but cryistal like ashes spreading into the clear dark sky.”Goodbye Mamma”

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