December 19, 2017
By zanee BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
zanee BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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I wonder how many times you think of me each day, do I ever cross your mind? What about before you go to sleep while listening to your sad “feels” music. I almost chose culinary which meant I would get to see you 2 hours a day for 5 days a week for a whole year, but I tried to think logically, and I went to medical term because school is more important the boys right? I regret not choosing it, but guess what, your girlfriend is in my second period, she always stares at me and only me, she probably knows. I never stop thinking about you, you made me into the person I am today, and I could never thank you enough. Over the summer you wanted me… what happened? Everyday you take pictures on my phone of just your eyes up, just like you did last year, you always give me a daily high five or handshake, but what are you really thinking? You told me my face was precious on the worst days, what happened? You missed my laugh and my voice and my face and just me, but now, do you miss me at all? You still always tell me to shut up whenever I talk down on myself, you still compliment me sometimes, and even when you don’t tell me in person, I know you're thinking of it. Last year you always hugged me and I always hugged back. It’s all my fault, I didn’t tell you how I felt and how I liked you sooner, just one day sooner and I could’ve had you. You always told me you loved me, I love you too, in fact I love you more. One day we’ll be together, I just hope it’s sooner than never.

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still waiting

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