False Memories

December 18, 2017
By Ca'leaf BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Ca'leaf BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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On Dave’s 21st birthday he decides to go turn up and get wasted, him and two other
friends. They all meet up at 11:00 pm, at a local bar. The bar is located downtown in the middle
of the shopping center that has a big Texas hat which says, Texas Ranger. Inside of the bar, it has
a stage so people can do karaoke, they have lights from the ceiling that change colors to the beat
as the song plays.
They proceed to do what they came out to do. As the night goes on dave was having a
drink, after drink, after drink and would not listen to his two friends telling him to slow down.
By 1:00 am he was getting sloppy, he started to stumble and fall everywhere, and when people
would try and help him he would get mad and yell at them. Two more hours pass and Dave’s
friends are ready to leave, so they go to Dave and try to get him to come with them because he
was so drunk, but he refuses to leave with them so they end up leaving him with no driver or
anything. Dave finally decides to leave at 4:30 am but is not at the right stage to drive. As he’s
driving he starts closing his eyes and dozing off, the first time he starts swerving into the other
lanes almost crashing 2 cars. The second time he went off the road on to the grass and dirt, and
the final time there was an oncoming train and he was so drunk he didn’t pay attention, he closed
his eyes and suddenly BOOOOM the train crashes into him. When the ambulance got there they
thought he was dead but he still had a pulse. The accident was so bad he was in a coma for a
whole year. In the year he was in a coma his mom died and they lost their house so everything he
had got thrown away. When Dave woke out the coma they tried breaking him the news but he
didn’t remember a lot he only could remember if there were pictures or videos. The two friends
came to see him for support but once they found out he didn’t remember anything, they started
telling him lies about who he was plus who his family was because of how bad he treated them
the night of the accident. They had him thinking people were really his family when they really
Until one day several years later Dave’s dad found him and proved to him that everything
that his friends were telling him was all a lie and that’s when he discovered that he has been
falsely implanted memories. Now that he knows his friends have been lying to him the whole
time he sets out for the truth. He began to get closer and closer with his dad finding out a lot that
he couldn't remember, he would take him to places they went to when he was younger just to at
least get him familiar with them so that he could probably get a thought of where he was and
who he was around. Dave got to meet a lot of his relatives that he known before his accident plus
relatives he never met before, one of his relatives sticks out to him the most out of the rest of
them his name was Gerald, for some reason Dave can remember his face and it’s crazy because
he doesn’t remember anyone else. When Dave and his dad leave he ask his dad
“ Aye, dad, who is Gerald to us for some reason he looks familiar but I don’t know
where I can remember him from?”,Dave’s dad response with
“ That’s your cousin and you could probably remember him from when you were a little
Dave blows it off not really worried about it until later that night when he’s trying to go
to sleep he keeps having flashbacks to the night he got in his accident. One part of the accident
that keeps playing is when he looked up and the train was coming at him, but it gets even crazier
the person that was driving the train was his cousin Gerald. When he notices that’s where he
knows him from he wakes up in shock sweating and gasping for air, he instantly calls his dad,
“dad, I found out how I remember Gerald…..(still gasping for air)”,“ son calm down
calm down catch a breath wassup how do you remember him”,
“ he was the one driving the train when I got in my accident I keep having flashbacks
after seeing his face and that’s him”,
“ Oh, wow we can go talk to him tomorrow if you want”,
“Ok, that’s cool”.
The next morning Dave and his dad went to meet up with Gerald at a local waffle house, when
they get there they began to conversate and Dave ask Gerald has he ever crashed into someone
before and Gerald tells them yes and begins to tell them how one night
”he was on a job driving a train he was on his last couple loads and he was just trying to
finish for the night, when all of sudden a car appeared right in front of the train he tried to slow it
down but he was already going too fast to even slow down in time without hitting the car, and he
crashed into the car and the car flew across the whole road but he kept going to finish his job.”
He states “he didn’t mean to almost have killed him and if he could take it back he
would plus he never knew who it was in the car but when Dave had come around saying he got
out a coma from a crash trying to remember stuff he knew right then in there he was the one who
did that but he didn’t want to say something because he felt guilty.”
Dave was mad because he felt like that’s information that he needed to know, but his dad steps in
and says
“ dave you can’t really blame him he didn’t know that was you and I think if he did he
would’ve been said something.”
Anger built up in him but Dave settles and accepts Gerald’s apology, but this is where things get
a little interesting what Gerald and Dave’s dad don’t know is while they all are talking Dave is
coming up with a plan to get back at Gerald for what he did. Dave feels like Gerald did it on
purpose because in one of his flashbacks Gerald was laughing and grinning when he crashed into
Dave and he doesn’t feel like his apology is sincere. A month goes by and Dave has been
calculating everything he needs to get back at Gerald, for example, his schedule, his routes he
takes, personal places he goes etc… One good thing Dave finds out is that Gerald goes to a local
bar every Friday at the same time 11:00 pm. Now all Dave has to do is set his plan up and just
hope it goes as planned, he plans his get back for three more weeks and finally figures how he is
going to do it and when he is going to do it. Revenge day is here and Dave is in stealth mode
waiting for Gerald to come to the local bar, 11:00 comes and Gerald pulls up, waiting outside
Dave sits in the car until he comes back out, 2-3 hrs later Gerald is walking out the bar and he
appears to be drunk. Dave waits for Gerald to pull off to get behind him Gerald is drunk so he
doesn’t recognize that it is Dave behind him. Dave splits and goes another way where he would
come out where Gerald would be driving by like a T, As he planned Gerald was driving right up
when he was BOOOOM Dave rams right into Geralds car flipping his car five times.

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