A day in the life

December 16, 2017
By Andrew68 BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
Andrew68 BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
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I walked down the street without a care in the world. It was night time and the poverty stricken town was silent as I carried on carelessly wandering down the street. I had almost made it to a small deli when I heard a scream far off to my right. I turned my head to the noise and listened intently as I could hear it dissolving into a loud sob. Peaking my interest I followed the noise to it's destination. It was located in a small playground about a half a block from the deli I had just been about to enter. Squinting my eyes because of the dark I made out a small boy on the ground clutching his leg not to far off of the jungle gym. The boy was still sobbing, but manged a please help me. Upon closer inspection I was able to tell that he had clearly broken his leg. What's your name? Still sobbing the boy answered Devonte, I'm thirteen can you please help me? Pulling out my phone I called 911 and told them what happened., they said an ambulance would be here in five minutes. Hearing this I decided to sit down and keep the kid company until they arrived. So why where you playing on the jungle gym by yourself at this time of the night? My friends at school dared me to try and do a backflip, but I knew my parents wouldn't let me try so I waited until they fell asleep and snuck out. Do you regret that descision now I answered? Devonte took a breath before wincing in pain and cluching his leg. Once the spike in pain subsided he ansered yes. Had you ever tried it before? No he answered. Then why did you try it? They dared me he stated again. They don't sound like very good friends I replied. I know. The ambulance rounded the corner and made it's approach. Well looks like I'm leaving I answered, good luck. Thank you Devonte said as I turned to walk away. Your welcome I asnwered. With that that I carried on down the street to the deli like I did every night. Though I couldn't wait to get my nightly sandwhich I never did stop thinking about that kid.

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