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December 16, 2017
By Silvana.Messina BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Silvana.Messina BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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  It was just another Tuesday morning in the quaint town of St. Petersburg. I woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes my mum was making, which was sizzling on the hot griddle. I put on my yellow dress and opened the curtains, I then began to make my bed. I tucked the white linin sheets under the mattress and straightening out the bed-skirt. I then took a seat at my vanity to brush my course, long, blonde hair into a low chignon at the nape of my neck. I then tied a white ribbon around it and rose from my seat. I then began to walk down the sunlit hall and went down the creaking stairs. 

    My mum then said "Becky, breakfast is ready!" I replied by saying "one second!" while I was slipping on my white flats. I had just enough time to eat my breakfast, and say bye to my mum before I had to go. I went outside running toward the school bus, since I was late. I had once again made it to school in the nick of time, right before the first bell!

Time passed, and I was in my seat of my 5th grade homeroom. I was in Mrs. Gater class and it was as usual. I was sitting at my desk, the boys were screaming, and the other girls giggling about whatever the boys were screaming about. Let's be real, the teacher does not ever care if the children are screaming. They're way too out of hand even for her to handle. She just sat at her desk at the head of the room and just acted like she was doing something important but we all know she is not. Mrs.Gater had been sitting at her desk for some time now and I was confused, so I raised my hand. Once she had noticed I was trying to get her attention, she nodded her head, and I said "Mrs.Gater". She then said "could you speak up Becky, I can't hear you over this noise". To be honest, I couldn’t hear her over the noise either, and I was sick of it!

   Mrs.Gater just screamed, "Excuse me children, I am trying to talk to a student!" The room went silent. Then everyone stared at me. I wasn’t acknowledged much here at Woodbridge, and don’t have many friends, so it was hard when everyone was staring at me. I just froze up and I got all nervous. "Becky, what were you saying?" Asked Mrs.Gater. "Umm, never mind" I said in a nervous tone.

  "Well class, let's start todays studies" said Mrs. Gater. She started with English, which happens to be my favorite subject. I sat in the creaking desk the whole 85 minute block, every time I moved- left or right, it would creek. I couldn’t focus on my on my sentence diagraming because of it! Well, time had passed, and the bell rang, It's time for recess! I sat in my desk, gathering my books, as all the other children were making a ruckus as they urgently left the room. I left the room soon after all the scrambling was done. When I left the room, my white flats plopped straight on the stinky, muddy ground. Well now I have a pair of brown shoes! Then, a girl came from the other side of the field and started to talk to me. Her brown hair and paisley blue dress flowed in the wind as she walked over to where I was standing. Her shoes were covered in mud too, at least I am not the only one!

When she came over she said "Hi, I'm Molly, what's your name?" I then said "Ugh, I'm Becky!" Normally, I just sit at the bench, by the tranquil pond and read my latest book during the duration recess. Yet today that all changed! Every day, when I get home from school my mom asks, "So honey, did you make any new friends?" Yet my answer is always "no", and she always says " don't worry, you'll meet one tomorrow." She said it with much hope, even when I thought there was none. Mabey, after all there was finally hope. 

"Becky, would you like to come play with me?" She said, I got nervous and did not want to reject her invitation of friendship. So, I said "Yeah, I would love to!" We walked through the muddy field to where the swing sets were. We sat, swinging and even made plans for after school to meet at the library for story time! It turns out she loves to read just as much as I do. We were both super excited, and I knew my mom would be super happy for me! 

When I got home, my brother and sister were outside, playing on the swing set. I entered the front door and I was salivating over the smell my mother's chocolate chip cookies. I dropped my books, and headed for the kitchen as the hard-wood floors creaked. When I got in the kitchen I snatched one of the warm cookies off a plate and took a bite of the warm sweet after the long day. 

"Becky, did you meet any new friends today?" Said my mother, as usual. "Actually, mom I did!" I said, "Really honey, that’s great!" Said my mother. "Yeah, her names Molly, and we are going to meet at the library for story time after supper!" I said, "Tell Linsey and Max to get cleaned up for supper, your father should be home soon." Said my mother excitedly.

I opened the backdoor, stepped on the green grass with my now brown shoes and said. "Hey, Max and Linsey, come inside for supper!" The 5-year-old girl's blond ringlets were flowing behind her as she went back on the swing set, her grey jumper was protecting her lavender purple dress from getting the swing sets rust on it. For Max, his blond hair was looking more like brown due to all the dirt he had been rolling around in. His royal blue vest and kackie pants were also smothered in dirt. I then said "Come on, there's no more time to play, supper is ready!"

We all went into the house and when father came home we ate. We said grace, and I ate some of the delicious casserole mum made very fast, so I could meet molly at the library on time. Mum excused me from the dinner table so I could head to the library. I got my bicycle out of the shed and rode 4 blocks to the library.

Molly had just got here when I had arrived, and story time was about to start! Today's story was the classic Little Red Riding Hood, both of us love that story. We sat on the carpet of the quiet library with fellow children, listening to the story. We enjoyed the story on the cold October night, and Molly and I had a friendship grew through our passions of reading. Today, was not just another day. Every day is unique, and different. Some may be good, some may be bad. Today was a good one, I met my best friend!


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