The Mysterious Culprit

December 15, 2017
By TaunTaun BRONZE, Tampa , Florida
TaunTaun BRONZE, Tampa , Florida
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        The air is chilly and I’m cold to the bone while I hurry to the library. The first day of 9th grade is tomorrow and I procrastinated my summer assignment to the last night. The San Antonio city lights sparkle throughout the sky. Once I park my bike by the library, I hope it will be open.

To my relief it’s open.  I go inside to get the book I’m supposed to read for my World Geography assignment. I walk in the doors of the deserted library only to find the librarian and no one else. The librarian looks at me and smiles, “Just in time, dear. What can I help you with?”

“A book on the topography and culture of Quebec,” I answer.

“Ok, just right down the hall to your left.” I thank her and go on a search to find my book.

I scan the wall of books looking row after row until I find the one. I take the book and walk over to the front desk to check out. Confused where she could have possibly gone, I see her walking quickly to the front desk. “I’m sorry dear. I was just getting the keys to close the library.”

“Here it is,” I said handing her my book.

“What’s your name, son?” she asked.

“Jack,” I said.

“Alright, that will do it. You have a couple of weeks to return your book, ok?”

“Sounds good.”

I walk out of the library and see the spot where I parked my bike. To my surprise it wasn’t there. I quickly walk back to see if the librarian was there, but she was gone. In a rush to complete my assignment, I ran all to way home on foot. Once there, I whip open the book and spend all night completing my World Geography paper. Exhausted by the long night, I get ready for a sleepy day at school.

Unfortunately, I had to tell my mom at one point that my bike was missing. Once I got in the car, I wait until we almost arrive at my new school called Woodland High School.     

                  “          “Mom, there is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it? Are you nervous for school?”

“No, not really, it’s just that last night I couldn’t find my bike.”


“Last night, I didn’t exactly know what happened.”

“Well at least you told me. We will discuss this after school.” Our car pulls into the parking lot. I get out of the car and then stare at the towering building of my new school. 

I walk into the front door taking out a sheet of paper with my schedule and locker number. I look over the columns and rows until I find my first period class. World Geography,  the class I must turn in my assignment. Most of the day went smoothly until 3rd period. Writing Lab. I go to my locker, 63, and can’t open it even though I tried it a million times. Being unsuccessful, I had to explain to my teacher my dilemma. Thank goodness she is very understanding and came to help.  Once we got to my locker, my teacher couldn’t open it either. 

“Are you sure this is your locker-combination?”

“I’m positive.  It worked for my last two classes.”

“That’s odd, maybe someone switched the lock or something. I’m not sure how that could happen.”  She unlocks the lock from the back with a master key, then gives me a new lock. After class, I get used to the new lock and prepare for my next period. One bad thing after another happened with my books and supplies.  They went missing even though my lock was locked.

School dismissed. “How was your day, Jack?”

“It was alright except for the fact that strange things were happening to me today.”

“What happened?”asked my mom.

“Well my lock combination was magically changing and some of my books became invisible even though they were in my locker.  Something is wrong.”

“Sweetie, see what happens tomorrow and if something like this happens again I’ll talk to the principal, ok?” Mom said calmly.

“Ok, but what about my bike?”

“Don’t worry about the bike for now.”

Once I get home, I walk back to the library to return my book. I ask the librarian if she saw my bike but instead of her it was someone else. I gave the other librarian my book and returned it. After that, I go home, and have an early dinner, and go to bed. The next day at school isn’t all that different. At my 4th period Science class my text book is missing. Then during 5th period, my History textbook is lost as well.                                                                                                                                                              
At the end of the 2nd day of school, I walk back to my mysterious locker 63. I unlock my locker and pack my backpack for tomorrow. I walk to the car line toward my mom’s car looking at the ground. “Was everything ok today, son?”

“Not at all. I think you need to see somebody at school. This just can’t keep going on.”

“Ok, I’ll park the car so we can walk in.” We walk over to the front desk offices. I open the door and there he is - the principal at his oak wood desk drinking coffee.

He looks up through his narrow black glasses perplexed on why I would be in his office on the second day of school. “Yes?  Is there something I can help you with?

“Yes, well my son Jack is missing books and school supplies.  We think someone is taking them.”

“I see. Jack, tell me what periods on what day where you experiencing this theft.”

“Well on the first day of school it happened during 3rd and today 4th and 5th period.”     

    T         “Ok, we can see who did this because we can check the security cameras that monitor the lockers.”

“Alright, that sound good to me.”

“Just give me a minute. You said 4th and 5th period today, right?”


“Ok that should be around 11:00 then.” The principal scrolls through the recording and then stops once he finds the clip of someone opening my locker. “That’s weird. It’s not one of our students. Do you know who she is?”
            “It can’t be. It’s the librarian!”

            “The librarian you received a book from before the first day of school?” asks my mom.

            “Yeah, that’s her. She’s the one who gave me the world geography book,” I reply.

“Since the criminal has been figured out, go with your mom Jack. I’ll be in my office until 7:00Pm if you need anything,” says the principle.

“Ok, thanks.”

“Oh, before you leave take this. It has the recording on this flash drive.”

“Sweet, this should do the trick,” I say walking out of his office.  

My mom and I walk to the car driving of in pursuit of the library. Once we arrive in the parking lot, we storm inside ready to tackle anyone at the front desk. “Um, is everything ok ma’am?” asks the librarian.

“Most certainly not! One of the librarians who works here has been stealing from my son! She has already stolen his bike, two text books, plenty of Jack’s supplies for school, and stole his school lock!” This startles the man so much he partially falls on the floor. The man stands there like a statue unsure what to do next.

“What, do you not believe me? Here is a flash drive with a crystal-clear video of the librarian!” screamed my mom. He shook in terror inserting the flash drive into the computer.

“Goodness me, you’re right!  You wait here and I’ll have my boss in here in no time at all.” I find a chair to sit down in while the guy gets a hold of everything. To my surprise nobody is in the library expect for the three of us. In about 20 minutes, both of them arrive. They both sit down in chairs right next to us. “Alright Sarah, tell them why you stole from Jack, please?” asks Richard, his boss.

“Well, my poor son Timmy’s birthday is in a couple of days and I don’t have anything to give him. I was expecting my annual bonus which is always during the 2nd week of September, but it never came. Since I never got it, I made a plan to take from the last person who entered the library on the 22nd of September. Richard, you know you didn’t give it.  You should have,” says Sarah.

“I expect you to work more than you did, that’s why you got jelly of the month club,” says Richard.

“Where are Jack’s stolen items?” interjects my mom.

“I know, I know I’ll give it to you first thing in the morning,” replies Sarah.

“How do we know you will?” asks my mom.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure of it. You can expect to have your items on your doorstep at seven o’clock sharp.  We will just need to have your address to give you your belongings,” says Richard.

“Yes, here and thank you,” my mom replies.

“No problem. Now if you don’t mind, Sarah and I have some discussing to do,” says Richard. My mom and I leave the library and go back home expecting the stolen items back tomorrow morning.

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