December 22, 2017
By Anonymous

The story begins with Olivia and Brian who are high school kids. They fall in love their sophomore year and date all through college. They have brief periods of breaking up but always end up back together. Olivia graduates from a university with a teaching degree and Brian graduates from the same university with an engineering degree.

Right after college the two of them get married. After two years of marriage they decide they are stable enough in their jobs to have children. Olivia and Brian’s relationship is better than it has ever been when they have their first child, Catherine. They love Catherine with all their hearts and do everything to provide her with a perfect life. After Catherine's second birthday party, Olivia and Brian decide they want Catherine to have a sibling. Once their newborn, Caylee arrives the stress of two young children begins to eat away at them. Brian is offered a job in Texas away from their home of Michigan that pays more. Olivia and Brian, deciding this was a great opportunity for them, move to Texas Olivia quits her job as a teacher to raise her children. After a year and half of living in Texas, Olivia is surprised to find out she is pregnant. Filled with excitement, Olivia and Brian welcome their new baby boy, Jackson, into the family. From this point on the family remains perfect. Olivia and Brian remain madly in love with each other and they have a financially stable life. Olivia enjoys being a mother and the children feel loved. All three children turn out very smart and successful. Eventually all of the children move out and have families of their own and Olivia and Brian die eventually of old age.
Similar to A, Brian and Olivia are high school sweethearts who end up married after college. Even though Brian wants children, Olivia does not. Their constant fighting over this disagreement leaves them to separate and divorce. Shortly after their divorce Olivia has new boyfriend named Chad. By surprise , Olivia finds out she is pregnant by Chad. Olivia decides to keep the baby. Once Brian finds out about the pregnancy, he becomes enraged and psychotic. He breaks into Olivia and Chad’s apartment one night and ends up killing the both of them in a jealous rage. Brian ends up in jail for the rest of his life, depressed and damaged.
Olivia and Brian meet in college and begin dating, not very seriously. One day Olivia discovers that she is pregnant and has to tell Brian. Once she tells him, he offers help and support. She drops out of college and he transfers from a university to a community college near the apartment they bought together. After the baby is born they realize they do not belong together and break up. Olivia becomes the sole caretaker of their child, Catherine. Brian never comes to see Catherine after he leaves and refuses to offer support. Olivia only has a high school degree and works at McDonald's to support her daughter.. Catherine, growing up poor her whole life with no dad figure turns to drugs and alcohol to fill the void in her life. Catherine finds herself lots of trouble in her youth and when she is a young adult lands in jail. Olivia dies of lung cancer caused by smoking, leaving Catherine completely alone. Once out of jail, Catherine works minimum wage jobs to pay for her drug habits. In a fall of depression of her toxic lifestyle, Catherine overdoses on drugs and dies.  
Similar to B, Olivia and Brian meet in college where they share a common love of partying. The two start dating as a fling. They spend most nights partying together and the other nights they are both hooking up with other people. In a fall of depression from this lifestyle Olivia asks Brian to run away with her. Willingly he leaves with her in her old beat up car. The two of them drive, most of the time high, to California. Once there they immediately look for a place to buy crack from and a motel to stay at. They began to partying and get high together in this motel. After too much, Olivia lays on the bed still and blue, choking. Paranoid and high Brian freaks out and leaves her corpse behind like an abandoned home. Brian takes her car and drives in fear of punishment.The guilt of leaving her begins to eat at him like acid. The guilt eventually drives him off the road, plummeting him to his death.
Brian is in his early thirties when he meets Olivia who is single and has a stable job and life. Brian is married to his wife Ellie and they have two children, Chris and Rylee. Brian falls madly in love with Olivia which springs an affair between the two of them. Slowly Brian starts to distance himself from his family. His children begin to notice the change in their father's attitude and start acting out. Chris is getting into fights at school and Rylee begins drinking. Ellie finds out about her children’s behaviors and punished them. She expects Brian to help her and support her with the punishments but Brian in fact does not care and does not help. Later that night when Brian gets home late after being out secretly with Olivia, he lashes out on his wife and children and storms out infrustration. Brian and Ellie eventually divorce and soon after Olivia and Brian get married. Chris and Rylee struggle to accept all this change and continue to fall down a bad path, as well as Ellie. Brian and Olivia live together happily but his children and ex wife suffer at the cost.
Many people in the real world hope and dream of the relationship in A. In the real world this is never the case. How? Why? Simply because of one thing, people hardly ever take into responsibility for their actions. In A, Olivia and Brian gave a lot for each other in order to make their relationship last, they were both self less. In B, Brian is selfish for leaving Olivia and she is selfish for being a bad mother to Catherine. In E, Brian is selfish for staying in a relationship while pursuing another one which in turn punishes Chris and Rylee. Both Olivia and Brian’s choices affect other people's lives which lead to some negative outcomes. In life the choices we make shape the relationships we have and the people we surround ourselves with. It is important to think of the consequences of your actions and how it will shape you as a person and the other it may affect too.

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This piece is about an outlook on life.

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