April 4, 2009
By kylove GOLD, Sacramento, California
kylove GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they're inconvenient,"
- Laine Hanson (Joan Allen) in The Contender (written by Rod Lurie)

I don't have to work too hard, occasionally I can just be walking around and a guy just looks at me. It's not my fault. Even if he has a girlfriend.

I always say if he's looking around then she's not doing her job. But I am.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. In my fifth period there is this one guy, oh my gosh, he's so cute!! He likes the weirdest things, but he isn't weird just, ugh. I can't even describe it.

I told my friends about and they called me names, but honestly, I gave that guy who flirted with me everyday, my number and he never called, never. If I had had all my attention centered on him I would've been freaking out wondering what was going on. But instead I just deleted it and moved on with my life.

There is one guy though; who I would totally break the rules for. He's cute, and funny, and sweet, just perfect. He likes me but he's not really the relationship type. He doesn't have a girlfriend and to be honest I don't think it's good for his image.

I called my number on his phone but apparently he didn't take the hint. I never got a call but I think it was too subtle.

There's another guy in my first period whose like way attached to me. I won't mention names but his is kind of plain I guess. I feel like his name should be Desperate Guy. But if I was ever to just like stop interacting with other guys I would choose him. Then they’d call me desperate too.

Mysterious Guy is cute but I'm not going to spend a lifetime chasing him. He sure isn't that cute.
Today I sat, with him. Mysterious Guy. So I was sitting in third period and Desperate Guy was like totally I staring at me. I was trying to pay attention when all the sudden Mysterious Guy walks in and tells the teacher he got transferred to the class.

As if fate was looking down on me he sat near me, right in the path of Desperate Guy, thank god! Of course, I make a habit of never getting too attached but I think I could go for him. This time if I give him my number I better get a call.
So Desperate Guy looked at me, again! He even tried to give me his number, oi. I hate guys like that. If he actually wanted me he'd come out and say it. Not hide it. I just told him to back off.

He got this sad look and I was sure I was right. I don't need anyone making me freak out all the time.

But Mysterious Guy still sits near me, still flirts, still cute as heck. I totally just fell for him. I'm getting attached but I'm not stupid attached. Because there's this cute guy right in front of him...who is much cuter.
I found out today that Mysterious Guy has a girlfriend. Several in fact. I guess I’m upset but I can’t be sad forever, right? I mean it doesn’t matter. Besides the guy who sits in front of Mysterious Guy, he’s totally into me.

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