A Beautiful Lie

April 3, 2009
By r4ch3lfor3v3r05 SILVER, Mt. Plymouth, Florida
r4ch3lfor3v3r05 SILVER, Mt. Plymouth, Florida
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Every afternoon, as I came home from school, he would meet me as I stepped off of the bus. I would lean down so he could lick my face, and I would allow him to sneak some of my ice cream when we were out of my parent’s sight. We would spend every waking moment together, playing catch or just relaxing. He always had a real appetite, and each night we would make our way to the kitchen and I would make him his favorite meal. Each night, he would sleep in bed next to me. I would cuddle next to him for his warmth and protection. He was my best friend, always there for me and happy to see me after we’ve been away from each other.
But now he is gone, he left me, ran away for some unknown reason. I loved him to death and I thought he felt the same way. But I guess that kindling flame died, and I was left to be alone.
Today, as I stepped off of the bus, it felt like another stab in my heart as I knew he would not greet me. I dropped my ice cream, intent on forgetting that no one will be there to eat the rest. I ate alone that night, no one to make dinner for. I slept alone in bed, cold and by myself. No warmth or protection lay beside me.
My name is Rachel and I am a lier. I am not talking about a guy, but about a dog I never had. (B.t.w. I don’t go to school on a bus). ; )

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