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November 30, 2017

Today was the day that Randy's life would change forever, but of course, he didn't know it, in fact, nobody knew it. Most people's day always started off the same but Randy's did not. He was special, Randy's day started off different. He would wake up at 5:00 and get carried to the bath, then his mom would bath him and rush his teeth and finally, he would eat, get dressed get put in his wheelchair and go to school by 8:30. Randy had a few friend that would talk to him but most would assume that he was nothing, just a “special needs kid” with no brain no hope. But this wasn't the case and it is never the case. People are people no matter what. Randy was smart for a fifth grader. So smart he should've been taking grade 9th-grade math. His parents wanted him to skip a few grades but the school refused. They said ?hat he wasn't capable because he was different. Usually, they would let a “normal person” do it but he wasn't normal. He was just randy, a stupid special needs worthless kid. At least that's what the school thought.
One day when Randy was at school sitting in the back of the classroom “like always,” Mrs. Summer told the class to write about one event that impacted their lives. After she stopped talking about the assignment she walked right up to Randy and said, “how about you just write about what you did last weekend.” But Randy didn't want to do that so he took a Risk that could kill his grade; he decided that he would write about an event that changed his life. So it started something like this.

When I was two, my mom was driving to my grandma's house to celebrate her ninetieth birthday. When we were on the freeway something tearable happened that changed my life forever. A drunk truck driver started to swerve closer and closer to the car I was in so I started to scream. My mom thought I was just hungry so she kept on driving. That all I really remember because when I woke up I was in a strange room with monkeys on the wall and tubes stuck in my little body. Being the energetic kid I was I reached for the wall but nothing happened, I didn't move at all. So I started to cry. The nurse came and explained to me that I would probably never be able to move again and I was paralyzed from the shoulders down. But of course, I don't know what the meant. About ten weeks after the accident I was finally able to go home. In a full body cast and wheelchair but I didn't care. All I wanted was to sleep in my bed again and see my puppy, Sophie. After about five weeks at home, I started physical therapy which enabled me to gain almost full use of my hands and be like I am today.

While he was writing his teacher was watching. He hoped she wouldn't be mad and give him an F. It turns out she loved the piece and wanted to share it with the class. That's when everyone realized that Randy wasn't just a stupid kid with special needs. From that point on everyone started to treat him differently. They started to treat him like a human, not an alien. Randy was very proud of his work so he brought it home to share with his parents, they were proud, but knew he could do better. They thought he could speak at the convention coming up to share his story, and maybe even make an impact on somebody life. So he did.

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