No Job Is Boring........

April 2, 2009
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As I walked down the avenue, I looked down at my iPod, trying not to let the rain hit it. I scrolled down my list of artists and found Escape the Fate, and began playing Situations by the band at the max volume. "Eric!" my friend called from her work at Abbotts, motioning for me to come in until her shift was over. "Jeez, Lil! I know this is a ice cream shop, but i thought you already kept all the cold stuff in a freezer! why's it gotta be so freaking cold in here?!" I asked as I pulled a ten dollar bill out of my pocket.
"Frozen yogurt, not ice cream. There is a difference. And, really, I know that its cold, but tell me when you the thermostat in here. Holy!" Lily cursed under her breath as she spilled a scoop she was putting in my bowl of hard choclate ice cream. "Real smooth, Lily." I muttered as a guy we'd never seen before walked into the shop. His trench coat was about as long as mine, which had an obvious lump near his waist.
"What would you like sir?" Lily didn't even try to smile. Her job creeped her out, and this guy was a creeper by himself.
"Lily, you shifts-" The manager walked in, stunned. I turned to look at the guy as he shot the manager in the middle of the forehead, nodded at my friend and I, and walked out. "Eric! Eric, call the police!" Was the last thing I heard before I passed out on the pool of blood.

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