Dear Jay

November 30, 2017
By Jemima SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jemima SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Jared Coleman: (21) Arrested for the murder of a boy. (which he did not actually do)
Jasmine (Jay) Coleman: (14) Trying to get her older brother out of jail. (whilst trying to raise her baby brother since her mother is literally losing her mind)
Baby J Coleman: (1 ½) The baby in the house. (partially the reason why Jay takes a while to write back to Jared because she’s so busy trying to take care of him)
Mom: (40) Is so stressed about this whole arrest. Everyone keeps asking her if she’s okay, she is constantly getting harrassed by news reporters and journalists. The only thing keeping her sane is her liquor and that fact that Jay is taking good care of Baby Jay.

Dear Jay,

Tell mommy I got an extra stash of money in the sole of my nike air force 1’s. Get me a lawyer I swear to yall and to daddy (bless his soul) that I am innocent I did not kill that boy the police officer did. Get custody of my phone as soon as you get my phone you can get all the evidence that you need.



Mommy cries everyday, and she won’t stop. She thinks you got that money from selling weed but I told  her you saved all your checks from working at the local market. Mommy won’t stop drinking she says she’s too stressed. Baby J is running out of formula and mommy keeps buying liquor. I’m going down to the police station with mommy tomorrow to try and get a hold of your things and as soon as we get them we gonna try to get you a lawyer.
      Your baby sister,

Jared Coleman was charged with aggravated assault, possession of an illegal weapon and for the murder of a little boy. Jared had 1. Not even touched the officer 2. Had no weapon on him which leads us to 3. He couldn’t have killed the little boy. The police officer who choked the life out of him said all 3 of those things in court knowing Jared wouldn’t have been there to defend himself because 1. He was hurt and 2. He didn’t even have a lawyer. Jared could not attend because he was in the hospital. The cop beat him so bad, before he was sent to jail he had to stay in the hospital for a whole month.


So you were right. When you but dialed mommy you also recorded the whole scene which is legal evidence the police officer did not have in court if we can get this to the grand jury and they hear this and see what really happened you’re free to go.

     Your baby sister, 

Sitting in his cell he realized that his life was really on the line. He was on 23 hour lockdown everyday, even though he hadn’t been to trial yet. He could only go to the gym when everyone left.  His food was sent straight to his cell, he couldn’t socialize with anyone except for when he was not on lock down and that was only for 1 hour a day. The only other times he could see other inmates is when he was walking down the halls and would see the other murderers in their cells. Since he was in there for murder they were going to treat him like he really was one. He walked into the weight room and sat down lifting and listening to the news on the locked up TV screen. Where his face was plastered everywhere. Everywhere in the news his story was being told, yet somehow they still thought he was guilty.
“Free Jared Coleman”
“Free Jared Coleman”
“He didn’t do it”
“Justice for JC”
People were out here in chicago rallying and protesting for him yet he was still rotting away in this facility. Jared cried every night in the dark because he would never have killed that boy. He doesn’t even sleep because all he can see is the police emptying his clipper out on the little boys body and turning to him.
“You’ve got mail”
Jared had zoned out and hadn’t seen the police guard standing in front of him with a letter that he knew was from his little sister.

Dear  Jared,

We got you a lawyer.
You stopped writing back. Are you ok?
      Your baby sister,

It was time to go back to his cell. They locked him up and he walked down through the halls. Looking at all the real criminals locked up or maybe they were just like him. He walked into his cell and sat on his bed and that’s when the first flashback happened.
“Aye young man”
Jared turned around and was face to face with some fat ass officer who was probably just going to bother him. All Jared was trying to do was go home.
“Yes sir”
“Put your hands up where I can see them, I’ve seen many guys like you on these streets and you boys are dangerous”
Jared put his hands up not saying anything. This guy was clearly sick and was having a rough day. The officer kicked him in the back knocking him over on the floor and that’s what started this whole thing. He snapped back to reality to an officer outside of his cell holding a paper and a pen.
“Thank you”
“I’m sorry for you, I really am.”
He sat down, cried
And began writing.


I need you to read this and read this clear. I was simply minding my business. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was leaving the market and the police officer saw me and basically assumed the worst. He talked about how “my kind” is dangerous and didn’t even bother ask me where I had even come from which was highly annoying. After he had me put my hands up he started hitting me which was getting me upset because he had no right to be hitting me and no right to talk all that s*** he was talking to me because why? I DID NOTHING WRONG. 2 people who were walking by started recording. Soon a big crowd had formed around them. Remember the little boy? Well his name was Emanuel. Everyone knows baby Manny as the neighborhood baby since he dad was murdered everyone in the neighborhood always looked out for him. He was everyone's little neighborhood brother. Baby Emanuel came running towards the cop telling him to stop because he didn’t think I did anything wrong either and when the cop saw Emanuel coming towards him he started firing his gun. Everytime he shot him my tears came out stronger because Emanuel didn’t deserve to die like that. He did trying to protect me and I still managed to be in jail. I butt dialed mom so you should be able to hear everything that I am telling you now. After he shot baby Manny he banged my head on the floor and I blacked out and woke up in the hospital. I am NOT a murderer, and even if I was I wouldn’t have killed baby Manny.You guys have to get me out of here I’m on lock down 23 hours and I’m going crazy in here.

Jareds been in jail for 2 months now.

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