March 19, 2009
By Stanley Dang BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Stanley Dang BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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“Thank you for bringing him back,” said Mom.
“No problem, just keep him out of trouble and kid you’re lucky the owner didn’t press charges,” said the police officer.
The police officer left the house with a sigh. The instant after the officer closed the door.
Dad yelled, “Why were you jumping around on skyscrapers! You could have gotten yourself killed. What made you think you were allowed to do that? Was it that game and those movies? Tell me!”
“Dom, go easy on him I think he’s learned his lesson, right Daemyn?” said Mom.
“No! We cannot let him go that easily Martha, he needs to know that he can’t do these things,” replied Dad.
Daemyn tried to sneak away but Dad grabbed him by the arm.
“Where do you think you’re going mister? Tell me if those games were the things that made you do this!” screamed Dad.
Daemyn stood there in silence.
“Tell me! Was it the games?” yelled Dad.
“Ye...yes,” Daemyn whispered.
Dad grabbed all the video games and movies and threw them out the window.
“No!” Daemyn cried.
“You go straight to your room now and think about what you have done, while I go throw these games away,” said Dad.
Daemyn marched to his room and slammed his door. Covering his face while he cried about all that has happened.
At night his parents talked over a solution.
“I thought about the officer’s advise, we should put a GPS on him,” whispered Dad.
“Don’t you think that’s going a little too far Dom? We should give him another chance,” replied Mom.
“ No, I think we’ve given him enough chances, tomorrow when he wakes up were going to put one on him,” said Dad.
The next day Daemyn started a normal school day, though he was quite depressed and he also had a GPS tracker strapped to his leg. Throughout the day his friends tried to cheer him up by saying things like,
“You can come over and play some of my games if you want,” said Jim.
Nothing worked, his mind was fixed on free running and how to get rid of the huge clump on his ankle. After school Daemyn went straight home, dropped his backpack off and changed into entirely new cloths.
“Ah, Mom I’m going to go to my friends house to play some games,” told Daemyn.
“Alright, just don’t go downtown and be back by 7!” said Mom.
Well of coarse Daemyn didn’t go to his friends house to go play game, but took the bus straight downtown. It took about 20mins to get to the spot he had in mind. He wall jumped up to the top and found some other guys up there.
“Seems like we got ourselves another runner,” said the unknown person.
“Seems like we do,” whispered the other stranger.
“Uh, I’m really sorry for trespassing, please don’t… wait what do you know about free running?” asked Daemyn.
“Well, me Keon, and this girl over here is Faith, she’s new to the group too and I am the leader of an underground free running organization. We deliver secret mail… the fun way. Want to join?” said Keon.
“Ah… Whoa… I don’t think I should join,” replied Daemyn.
“Well if you don’t you’ll never get that GPS off your leg and may be even stuck to staying only in your house for some good months,” said Keon.
“How did you…” said Daemyn.
“I’ve had one before, though I figured out how to take it off and by now the cops have probably already tracked you downtown and are now looking for you. We still have a spot open,” said Keon.
“Fine, I’ll join as long as you can get me out of here and this thing off me,” Daemyn replied.
“Alright I’ll get it off you, but I’m not going to lead you out of here, you’re going to do it, and that is going to be your test,” said Keon.
He took off the GPS tracker right after that.
“Daemyn, please come off the building and come back quietly,” yelled the officer.
“Have fun, don’t let the officers bite,” said Keon.
And he jumped away onto another building.
“Ah crap, where do I go, could they be just some random kids trying to trick me? They seemed skilled enough,” thought Daemyn.
“Daemyn, please come down immediately or we’ll have to bring you by force,” yelled the officer.
“Ah well, here goes nothing,” thought Daemyn.
He jumped to the building over to left. Instantly cops started to appear from the door on the roof. They too started to jump around on the buildings. Daemyn ran as fast as he could jumping across buildings, hopping fences and wall jumping up buildings. Once a cop tried to use a taser at him but just missed.
“Daemyn, come quietly and nothing will happen to you,” cried the officer.
“Yeah right, everyone has watched enough movies to know that they just say that, stupid officers,” thought Daemyn.
This was the moment Daemyn has been dreaming of. To become part of a group purely of free runners that ignored the rules. He saw Keon and Faith on the other said of the building 100ft away just waving to him. The only problem was that between him and the building was a 1000ft drop and a loose rope connected in between. There were also lots of cops coming in. The rope also wasn’t on the roof. It was 10ft lower than the roof connected on by a pole.
“Oh god, oh god… should I do it… should I do it,” Daemyn whispered.
“Come quietly Daemyn, we won’t hurt you,” said the officers while trying to catch their breath.
“Okay, I’m definetly going now, thought Daemyn, well here goes nothing.”
He saluted and waved goodbye doing a movie stunt leaning backwards off the building. In midair he turned around just in time to grab onto the rope and start sliding down. Daemyn looked back to see the cops amazed and radioing in for backup. He took the zipline the whole 100ft and landed on the soft mat with his hands burning.
“Wow, nice job, didn’t think you were going to do that, hard to do for a beginner,” said Keon.
“Kids got talent,” said Faith.
“Well, welcome to the club, we haven’t really made a name for ourselves so we can all think about that when we get to base,” said Keon.
We started taking the normal way by going down the elevator.
“How many runners are there,” Daemyn asked.
“Oh, there is lots, you’ll see when we get there,” replied Keon.
Daemyn took a deep breath and the elevator doors opened. They were down in the subway, they took the train and started going to another place. While on the train Daemyn finally had a time to relax and had time to think. He didn’t just run around to be some make believe character in a game. He ran around because he felt free and alive when he was free running. That was why he had to join this “group” then the boring life he was in. He could now officially say that he was a “don’t really care about the rules,” free runner.

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on Apr. 16 2009 at 6:07 pm
EmilyPaige PLATINUM, Morris Plains, New Jersey
20 articles 2 photos 8 comments
That WAS really good. I loved the descriptions and just the story plot as a whole. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

on Apr. 7 2009 at 8:26 pm
Stephenmcreynolds BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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That was really good.

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