First Day

March 19, 2009
By Stanley Dang BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Stanley Dang BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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First Day
“You sure we did the right thing?” asked mother.
“Well we had no other choice, either we both had no jobs or we moved,” replied dad.
“Argh… how am I going to get into this new high school, we should’ve never moved,” I thought. Then I went to sleep trying to figure out how I would make friends as a new senior of this new high school. Then it was the next day and I had to get up extra early 6 in the morning so that I would be able to survey the school a little bit and find my classes before school started. My mom drove me there and gave the now usually speech on “how you’ll easily make friends if you just be yourself.” Got a little annoying after the first 3 times. When we got there it was still pitch black and I was like the only one there with my trusty flashlight. I found my way to the principle’s office first to see what he or she had to say. The principle was a she and she was pretty darn old. Hopefully she won’t be of any concern. There I talked with her for a good 30 minutes about all my grades, portfolio, and all those other school related things got transferred in.
At one point she asked, “got any questions you would like to ask?”
I though for a moment and came up with sports since this was the fall season and I would like to see if I could join their tennis team.
So I asked, “how could I join the tennis team?”
“Well tryouts are already over, but I could arrange some meetings with the coach for you and he might be able to get you on the team since it just started,” she replied.
“Ah, that would be nice, thanks,” I replied back.
I walked out from her room and by then the sun started to peak out and I decided to go and find my classes. Soon enough I found them all and class started. My first class was Social Studies and it was pretty boring, which was usual for the first few weeks. As the classes went by I figured out that most of the seniors played around a lot. So I just decided to joke around too and it seemed that I had made a couple of friends. Some pretty good friends were Edgar, Dan and Alice. We didn’t have our last class together so when school was over I went to look for them. I found them at the courtyard joking around with some lower-class men. Though as soon as I got closer it seemed as though Don was more of like bullying the guy. A little while later Edgar went out and punched one of them in the nose. I just couldn’t take it so I went up to stop it.
“Hey, Ron you’re here, come and join us,” said Alice.
“No! Do you know what you guys are doing?” I shouted.
“Whoa, calm down man, were just teaching these guys a lesson for stepping on my shoes,” replied Don.
“What! Just for a pair of shoes and you go and punch the guy!” I exclaimed.
“Uh huh, got a problem with that?” Edgar said.
“Yes! Here let me just clean the shoes for you,” I replied.
“Whoa back off, let them do it,” shouted Don.
“No forget it you already punched him in the face!” I shouted back.
After that Edgar seemed like he couldn’t take it anymore and tried to punch me in the face. Fortunately I have been doing martial arts for years and was able to react quickly enough to dodge it. Both Don and Edgar tried to beat me up, though I was able to hold them out long enough for the principle to come. She took us all in and had to explain to her everything. Of coarse the other guys tried to lie but I had witnesses with me that weren’t afraid anymore and we got them both suspended for a bit. I went out and I had a mass of people come to me. Apparently I was one of the only seniors who was nice to the lower-class men. I was also able to meet some good friends in that mass. So everyone had some confidence in them after I was able to show that courage to stand up to those guys. Now seniors may think twice to punch a guy. Since now there would be a mass of freshmen, sophomores, some juniors, and me to face if they punch a guy. Majority and confidence always wins. It was about time I went home, though while I was walking home, thought to myself, mom was actually right, all I had to do was be myself. Guess it was a good thing she said it like a billion times. Had a feeling that this year was going to be a long one, but one day was already over.

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on Apr. 7 2009 at 8:26 pm
Stephenmcreynolds BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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That was really good, though just space out the paragraphs to help it, if you want to. And edit it around some more, make it a little more of a

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