the Unknown Olsen

November 8, 2017
By Anonymous

Ugh it's unfair. She just stands there not even trying, flawless. All I see is her long silky blonde hair flowing in the wind, her pearly white teeth shine when she opens her mouth or just smiles. Look at her, size two, bright blue eyes that shine like the stars in the sky, on a dark and cloudless summer night,” Betty stares as she describes her twin sister whom she is truly jealous of.

You may ask why Betty would be jealous of her sister when they are twins? Lets just answer that and say that they are not identical. Kids in school don't even realize they are related until they hear their last names called. Most of the student body are more than familiar with teen royalty Lily Olsen, the most popular teenage girl at West High. She walks down the hallway with so much confidence and pride as people clear a pathway for her. Lily may be popular and confident however, the thing people most admire about her is that she isn't conceited and c***y. She is s smart, kind, and beautiful human being. On the other hand there is Betty. Most of West High wouldn't even notice she exists, or at least not yet.

“Dear Diary, it's a 5:00 pm on a Saturday night, Of course, Lily’s out with her boyfriend while I’m here lonely, bored, and depressed. I look in the mirror, brush my hair with my fingers, caress my body and my curves with my hand, sucked in my stomach, stand up tall, stick out my butt, release, and sigh. Luckily before I crawl in bed and cry,  my best and only friend.”

“Hey Betty, are you doing anything tonight?” asked Kate.

“Just sitting in my room, pondering life.” Betty sighs with a little chuckle in her voice knowing Kate’s going to laugh back too.

“Lol, lets go to the mall, I’ll drive” Kate laughs.

Betty quickly paints mascara up and down her lashes, brushes her hair, puts on her sneakers, grabs her wallet and walks out the door. Kate picks her up and as they drive to the mall they blast music in their car to the point where the seats shake and Betty instantly forgets about that stupid mirror in her room.When they arrive at the mall they do their usual: go to McDonalds and share large fries with their medium oreo McFlurry, walk around, go to the movies just to order the popcorn and leave and then spend the rest of night trying on big poofy dresses while making fun of each other. They both find these beautiful matching red dress. Kate sees Betty's eyes glued to the dress as her mouth practically starts watering.

“Try it on” Kate says with excitement trying to persuade Betty to grab it off the rack.

Betty walks away from it and with a frown upon her face she cries “Eh, it's a beautiful dress but I don't know it looks a little...slim fitting, I don't even know if they'll have my size.”

Kate looks through the rack swiping the hangers left and right, she find a size four for herself and a size nine (which was the biggest size on the rack) and hands it to Betty.

“This won't fit me!” she screams. “What are you trying to do, cut off all the circulation in my body?!!!”

“Come on, you're over exaggerating, its gonna look perfect I promise.” Kate says with confidence and a smile on her face.

They walk into the dressing room. Betty opens her stall door, hangs up the beautiful, long, flowy, velvet red dress and stares at it for a long five minutes before she tries it on.

As she struggles to zipper the dress onto her size eleven body, she starts giving up and looks into the mirror with disgust.

“It!!!” Betty screams to Kate as she uses all of her muscles in her body to zip up her dress. “It won't fit, and I just wanna go ho-”

“You sure Betty, it's only nine o'clock, we can still go to other stores.”Kate interrupts.

“I SAID I WANNA GO HOME.” Betty yells. “Please..” she said, as she starts decreasing the angry tone in her voice.

“Yeah… of course.” Kate said with guilt. She grabs her keys and drops off Betty.

Betty arrives at her home, runs straight to her room. Panting from running up her stairs, she flops onto her bed, presses her face upon her pillow, and sobs. Watching her charcoal black mascara drip and bleed onto her pillow. After a while after laying in her pool of tears, her melancholy puts her to sleep.

Monday morning, Betty wakes up with a whole new attitude.

“I may be the unknown Olsen.” she says deep into her thoughts. “But that changes today.”

Betty sits with Kate in the hallway during lunch while discussing their plans to change Bettys senior year.
“I have an idea. It's going to be challenging. It's going to be a commitment. And it's going to be long nights but we can change the way you look” Kate says with determination in her eyes.

“What's the plan Kate?” Betty says with confusion and fear in her voice.

“How does this sound… It's November, prom is in seven months. You have seven months of dieting, not starving yourself, just making smarter choices by eating healthier foods. That means no more McDonalds and more salads! We will make a 30-40 minute workout plan for you to do every day. We both have nothing better to do after school so I'll do it with you. Come over and we will workout together...I'll be your trainer!! Yeah, and you'll feel better about yourself, and find a beautiful prom dress, and you're gonna look like a Queen, or... or a celebrity, yeah and then you'll find a boyfriend, and get married,  and have kids, and have a little dog named buster, and you'll live happily ever after!” Kate explains as she tries to catch her breath and he bell starts to ring.

“I like your plan...for the most part, but I think you got a little carried away there at the end. I like where your head is at though Kate” Betty laughs as she agrees with her friend's statement.

“Great!!!! We'll start tomorrow!” Kate screams with excitement as she grabs her books and jumps into the air.


“Ready...Set..Go!! 30 jump rope, let's go push yourself, you got this, five more you got, finish strong...drop down to the floor c’mon 30 sec plank, feel the burn Betty, feel the burn!! Faster...harder...faster...LETS GOO!!!!!” screams Kate as she motivates Betty to stay in shape. “All done Betty. Good job today. How are you feeling?”

“I...feel….huhhh….great” Betty slowly says as her heart beats a thousand miles per hour, aa her mouth is opened and all you hear is her panting like a smelly dog on a hot summer day. Sweat was dripping down her face from her forehead and ratty hair, almost going into her mouth to the point where she licks her lips and taste the salty sweat on the tip of her tongue and tastebuds.


“Dear diary, today is the best but worst day of my life. It's now April, five months of dieting and vigorous workouts with Kate. I lost about 50 pounds. Also since I have better eating habits my skin has cleared up and it's never felt so smooth and shiny. I still might not have beautiful blue eyes that shine like stars, or silky blonde hair like my sister, but at least I feel a little more confident in my s*** brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. I became friends with my mirror. I started enjoying looking at myself and seeing myself smile. Lily talks to me more, I could tell she's proud of me and not embarrassed to call me her sister. Not trying to be cocky or anything but i think she is getting a little bit jealous. People at school are noticing me more, bys are talking to me more, i'm finally the Olsen I want to be. I even got nominated to be prom queen! I mean I'm running up against my sister and she is still more popular but i’ll take these days over any other days back in October. I haven't even told you the best part yet….I met this boy, not only did i meet him, but we started talking more and more everyday and now I get to call him my boyfriend. He makes my heart race. Tall (6.3” to be exact), short brown hair, and dark brown eyes that I can stare into till the day I die. Along with all of this greatness happening in my life, I sort of  drifted away from Kate. I should probably thank her because without my best friend to motivate me I wouldn't have had this new life. So I made plans with her to go prom dress shopping.”
“Hey Kate, what's up, I haven't seen you in a while.” Betty said with a smile on her face.

“You haven't called or even text me in a while cuz you're alway with your boyfriend or  with your sister.” Kate answered with betrayal in her eyes.

“That's why I called you. I want to hangout today. I felt bad for leaving you behind and I never thanked you or anything, and I'm really sorry about that.” Betty apologized.

“Don't worry about it.” said Kate, however she still seemed mad.

“Kate...Oh my’s the red dress, they have it in my size. I'm a size three yanno. Oh Zack's gonna love this dress, do you thinks he's gonna like it? I think he's gonna like it.” Betty bragged on and on about her new boyfriend not even realizing it.

“SHUT UP!!!!! I’M SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!! ZACK THIS, ZACK THAT. I’m glad you're happy with your “new self” but our friendship is not the same anymore. I’m sorry but I’m done being friends with you, if you keep up the work you might be able to get even more friends, more popular and totally forget about me and just take me out of your life forever!” Kate screamed as she ranted and stormed out of the store.

Speechless; Betty was upset and furious that Kate reacted like that, at that point she stood in the store thinking about not even going to prom anymore. “No”, she said to herself. Betty wasn't going to let a stupid petty little argument get in her way of beating her sister and being the new relevant olsen twin.


June 13th...Prom Night

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to West High’s Senior Prom, I hope all of you are having a splendid evening but, it is now time to crown our ne West High’s King and Queen.” announced Principle Watson. “Presenting your Prom Queen nominees… Jessica Sanders, Lily Olsen, Megan Storms, and Betty Olsen.” the students applause. “The votes are in for Prom Queen...drum roll please.” the students slap their hands to their needs waiting for the name to be called. As Betty stood on stage, her knees started to quiver, her palms started to sweat and become sweaty and clammy, her heart was beating through her chest. She closes her eyes for half a second and the next thing you know she hears the words…”and West High’s Prom Queen is… Betty Olsen” Announces Watson again with excitement in her voice. The students go wild!!! As Betty stepped up to be crowned all she hears is the crude screaming her name in unison, like it was a movie...a fairytale. Lilly was beyond pissed however, she was beyond proud to call Betty her sister. Into the night Kate approves Betty and gives her an immense hug.

“You're an inspiration to so many girls in this school Betty, you should be extremely proud of yourself...I know I am. I’m also truly sorry for the way I reacted the other night, it was totally out of line, and I didn't mean half the words that came out of my mouth. I hope you accept this apology.” Kate apologizes as she holds her hands waiting for forgiveness.

“Of course I forgive you. You are the reason I won Prom Queen tonight. You are the reason I enjoy looking into the mirror. I'm not trying to brag about this one but, you're the reason I have zack. Ost of all you are my best friend, and only best friend and I shouldn't of gotten conceded and I'm sorry.” Betty smiles as she forgives Kate.

“Well, what are you doing just standing there.. cmon , let's go dance.” Kate said as they both walked away laughing and hugging each other.

The author's comments:

Relates to teenagers today, especially teenage girls, and their self esteem, and confidence towards themselves. 

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