Never Give Up

November 17, 2017
By Paige.R BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Paige.R BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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So it started out as a normal day as Lizzy Smith she wakes up,eats breakfast,and goes off to school Lizzy really does not like school.  She got back home from a long and boring day of school and did her homework which Lizzy really doesn’t like to do.  Lizzy was a star at  dance and she had a performance today.  Her family got in the car and they headed off to Lizzy’s performance .  Then all of a sudden . . .  CRASH!  Lizzy’s dad got into a car crash and she hurt her leg really bad.  Lizzy’s mom hurries and calls an ambulance.  The ambulance comes very quickly and takes Lizzy away and her family follows the ambulance.  When she gets to the hospital they take her to get an X-ray.  They got the results back and they were not so good . . .   they said that Lizzy had her leg so damaged that she had to get a prosthetic leg.  She was very nervous about getting this done.  The doctors took Lizzy back to get her leg.  She had to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks and Lizzy was scared that she would never dance again.  Lizzy had many days of physical therapy but she still hasn’t figured out how to use her new leg and she was getting worried.  The day came when Lizzy was released from the hospital and she had to figure out how to use her leg or she couldn’t dance or even walk again!  When Lizzy got home all she did was sit around and watch T.V. because she was to nervous to move her leg.  Lizzy had to go to school because she can’t be out of school for  months.  She goes to school and everybody just stares at her.  Her friend Belle comes up to her and ask if she’s ok.”I’m ok,”Lizzy says.  They go to lunch and more and more people ask her, “What happened?”.   Her leg is still not working for her so she just uses a wheelchair.  The time has came . . .  Lizzy must go to dance or she would get kicked out of her studio.  She eventually goes to dance and she if having many troubles dancing with her leg.  She goes home crying and worrying that she could never dance again but she has till next week to figure out how to move with the leg.  Lizzy starts her day off like a normal day until she tries to use her leg, but instead of struggling like always, she actually used it and she got it to work for her!  Lizzy starts dancing in her house because she’s so excited she can use her leg and she can actually dance now!  After the week goes by it’s time for Lizzy to go to her dance studio.  The kids in her class are so amazed of how good she is with dancing her leg.  Lizzy got her first solo at dance today because it was the best day she has ever danced and she is so excited to see her performance outfit!  Her performance of her solo day came up quickly and Lizzy started to feel nauseous but her outfit was just what she wanted it was a light blue flowy long dress exactly how she imagined it..  Belle was there and supporting her the whole time.  The blaring  music started playing and she started to dance everything was going so good for Lizzy until the music stopped playing and they were having technical difficulties and Lizzy started to cry.  Her choreographer told her that she could do her solo next week but Lizzy refused.  “This is the worst year of my life,”Lizzy yelled.  But things started to get better more and more people at her school started paying more attention to her than staring at her because of her leg.  She started getting more friends and she met this one girl named Ella who went through the same thing as her but Ella still couldn’t use her leg.  Ella asks Lizzy,”Can you help me get through this?”  Lizzy said, “Ok.”  “So do you want me to help you today, ”Lizzy asks? Ella replies,”Yeah.” Ella and Lizzy start helping each other through the day and through the rest of the month.  Finally Ella could walk on her leg but she can’t run or do anything else with her leg.  Ella comes crying to Lizzy saying that she would never run or jump again but Lizzy whispered to Ella this,”Never give up!”  “That's what I said to myself everyday when I had to learn to use my leg,”exclaims Lizzy.  “If you ever are getting teased or feel like you can’t do anything just remember what I told you never give up,”claimed Lizzy.”I know,” respondes Ella.  They go on with their day saying never give up.  Ella,Lizzy,and Belle become best friends and help each other with whatever they need help with.  One day Lizzy comes across a girl that is teasing Ella because of her leg she rushes over there and protects ella and then she begins to tease Lizzy.  They both say together never give up.  Never give up helps Ella and Lizzy get through a lot of things.  People always tease the girls but they always get through it together.  The girls stick together for the rest of the school year through a lot of things like bullies and trying to do new things with their legs but they get through it.  They always get through the tough times by saying never give up.  Lizzy eventually learns how to do more interesting things with her leg but Ella is behind but she really doesn’t mind it because she always says never give up.

The author's comments:

This story is about a girl named Lizzy Smith and she is an amazing dancer.  When her family is getting ready to go to her performance they get into a car crash!  Lizzy has to get a prosthetic leg and she is worried about moving that leg again.  Will she be able to dance or even walk again? 

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