Snitches Get Stitches

November 17, 2017
By AlexRose04 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
AlexRose04 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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“Ugh. He is so rude. I hate bullies,” Phoenix remarked to her best friend Xenia Ivalyn. She had always watched Redd Hymn bully Scarlet Coal, and she was getting sick of it. Phoenix hated bullies, and she really wanted to find a way to stop bullying in her school. Phoenix Flame, as all the other kids in her grade, was a 15 year old at SouthLake High School. She was just shorter than her other friends, Hinto Bluemoon, and Noire Neko. She has brown, short hair, that fades to a bright colorful red, and typically wears her lucky, red flannel, which is either worn as a shirt, or around her waist. She wears a grey shirt with black sleeves, and has thick, black glasses.
“I know, I wish we could do something about it,” Xenia replied. Xenia Ivalyn was the shortest of all her friends. She wore her medium length brown hair down, and wore a purple shirt, with a green sweater. She had dark brown eyes, and loved gardening.
“We can do something!” Phoenix exclaimed. She dashed over to the teacher, Mr Ash, who was in the lunchroom, and told him about Redd. The teacher walks over to the guilty party, and hands him a slip for after school detention today, and suspension tomorrow. He looked furiously at Phoenix before being walked down to the office. Scarlet walked over to Xenia and Phoenix.
“Thank you so much, I was getting sick of him being so rude to me everyday!” She exclaimed. She twirled her rusty red, long, curly hair around her finger.
“No problem, I hate bullies, and I wish there was a way to prevent it all together. Maybe I should start thinking of ways!” Phoenix replied, with a bright smile on her face. Then, the bell rang and Phoenix walked with Xenia until they had to split up to go to their separate classes.
Phoenix sat down at her desk in her bedroom after school, and grabbed a sheet of paper from the nice, neat stack of loose leaf papers on her desk. She grabbed out a pencil, and began to work on her Geometry homework. She finished it quite fast, because the lesson that day had seemed easy, and put the paper into her math binder, and slid her math binder into her backpack, so she wouldn’t forget it. One thing about Phoenix, is that she rarely remembers to do things, or to grab things. This has created a habit where she does homework immediately after getting home, unless there is a circumstance that prevents her from doing so, and putting it immediately into her backpack after finishing. She heard a knock at the door, and a familiar voice asking if they could come in. Phoenix dashed to the door, and opened it for her little sister, Crystal. Crystal was 12. She was a couple inches shy of Phoenix, and was wearing her favorite pale blue sweatshirt, a cat t-shirt, and necklace with a snowflake pendant. Crystal loved snow.
“Can you help me with my homework?” She asked. Phoenix had wanted to start her online homework, but she guessed that could wait, because she loved her little sister.
“Sure,” she replied, starting to walk into her sister’s room. When she reached her sisters room, the door was slightly ajar, and on her bed was Crystal’s beloved cat, Neo. Phoenix assumed that Crystal had been distracted by him, she always was. She quickly helped Crystal with her homework, and meandered back to her own room, where she reached for her school laptop so she could work on her ELA homework. After a while, she finished, closed the laptop shut, and grabbed the charger, so it was charged for tomorrow. She then grabbed another sheet of paper, and began attempting to figure out ways to see if she could help prevent bullying in her school. Some of the ideas she came up with were:
A skit on the school announcements
Tell the principal about all that happens and have her do something
After writing the first two items on her list, she couldn’t think of a third. Phoenix didn’t want to give up, because this was something that was important to her. She was still pondering upon her third idea, when her father called her down for dinner. He had made her favorite, Ramen Noodles. She ate her food, and looked at the kitchen clock, it was almost 7 o’clock. She got seconds, finished, and put her bowl in the sink. She went upstairs, grabbed her phone, and watched YouTube until she was tired, and went to bed.
Phoenix met Xenia by her locker, and they talked together until Redd’s friends walked up to them. One of them purposefully knocked her binder and folders out of her hand. They all laughed and continued to walk away.
“What was that?” Xenia asked. Phoenix was thoroughly confused as well.
“I have no clue, but are those Redd’s friends?” Phoenix said with a hint of disbelief in her voice. She gathered her stuff from the floor, and together she and Xenia began walking to their first hour. On the way they ran into Hinto Bluemoon, their male friend who was super immature.
“Hey, how are you guys?” He asked
   “Meh, and you?” Phoenix replied, without the normal perk in her voice.
“You good? You sound more dead inside than usual,” Hinto remarked, jokingly. Hinto was the kind of guy people would call a flirt. His short black hair was messy, and he wore a deep purple hoodie, contrasting his bright, light blue eyes.
“1. You didn’t answer my question, 2. Redd’s friends are being more “jerky” than they typically are on a daily basis,” Phoenix replied.
“Ok. Fine Miss “I’m Smarter and Have a Better Vocabulary Than You”. I’m fine.” Hinto says with a hint of sarcasm in the nickname.
“Well I’m sorry I pay attention in class, Hinto! Maybe it would benefit you to pay more attention!” Phoenix was starting to get really upset with Hinto’s “sass”.
“Whatever, see you guys at lunch,” Hinto said in a very uncaring voice. Phoenix found him annoying at times, but Hinto was one of her best friends, and she couldn’t stay mad at him for long. She had known him, Xenia, and their other friend Noire, since elementary school. Phoenix and Xenia turned the corner into their classroom for first hour, ELA. Their teacher was Mrs. Hazel, who had shoulder length wavy brown hair. The bell rang and class started. Phoenix got out her planner, and wrote down the homework so she wouldn’t forget, the homework being a grammar assignment.
The bell rang for lunch, which Phoenix was extremely worried for. She didn’t know what Redd’s friends would do. She was worried they would steal her lunch, which today was potato wedges from KFC, which she loved. She sat down at her and her friends normal table. Noire was the next to arrive.
“Hey, Hinto told me about Adam, you ok?” Noire asked, setting down the book she was currently reading. Noire had pretty black, straight hair, which was past shoulders, wore a headband with black cat ears, and a soft, fluffy black hoodie. Her bright green eyes were really beautiful. Noire was the type of person to stay calm in stressful situations, and to help her friend’s when they needed it.
“Yeah, I’m good, it’ll probably stop soo-”
“So guys how are you this fine afternoon!?” Hinto interjected, interrupting Phoenix.
“I was TALKING Hinto. You don’t have to be rude. Could have just waited for me to complete my sentence.” Phoenix snapped. Why did Hinto have to be such a pain.
“Fine Miss “I’m better than you all”,” Hinto retorted.
“Whatever…,” Phoenix mumbled.
“Why are you too arguing so much? We are all friends…,” Noire sighed. Xenia arrived at the table, and Hinto stopped talking, so did Phoenix.
The bell for the end of the school day rang, and Phoenix skipped to her locker. Since today was Thursday, there was only one day until Friday, and then she could spend the weekend drawing once she finished up all her homework. Phoenix loved to draw, and her favorite class was art. She always had enjoyed art class, and she wanted to do something related to art as her future career. She reached her locker, and quickly opened it with her combination. She started grabbing out her math binder, her folder of drawings on separate sheets of paper, and her folder for other homework. She attempted to put her sketchbook in, but it wouldn’t fit because of her school laptop case. She hastily removed it and rearranged it, shoving her pencil case and planner in, and zipped up her backpack. She turned around to see Adam. He had short brown hair, and wore a deep blue shirt. His mouth in a sneer, and his deep brown eyes didn’t look all too friendly. He knocked her sketchbook out of her hands and some of her drawings on loose sheets fell out. He picked up one and began ripping it, knowing she took care in making them. Thankfully, it was one she hadn’t done well on, and she took the chance to gather up her other, more prized drawings, so they wouldn’t get damaged.
“What’d you do that for?!” She cried. She was starting to get sick of him being rude to her, and it had only been a day.
“Because snitches are terrible people.” He sneered.
“So that’s what this is about? Me telling on your friend? Wow, such a childish reaction,” Phoenix remarked.
“Wow, look we got our local smarty-pants. She is so intelligent and smart,” Adam replied sarcastically. He was getting sick of talking to her. He grabbed her backpack off the ground where she had set it, and threw it at her. She caught it, but because of the sudden weight, caused by her heavy backpack, she stumbled backwards into the lockers.
“Oh no, you’re hurt~, it’s so awful- but I think you deserve it! Snitches get stitches!” He sneered, beginning to walk off. Phoenix started to cry, her back really hurt. She heard footsteps, and looked over to see none other than Hinto Bluemoon.
“Look, I’m sorry I’ve been rude to you. I shouldn’t have been, and I’m sor-,” mid sentence, he suddenly realized that Phoenix crying.”Hey, you ok?”
“No I’m not! Adam won’t stop being rude to me since I told on his friend for bullying Scarlet, he ripped one of my drawings, and he’s saying rude things to me, like “snitches get stitch-”,” she got an idea, “THAT’S IT!” She quickly got to her feet, grabbed her backpack, slung it over her back, and grabbed Hinto’s hand, dragging him to the buses that were minutes away from leaving.
“Hey what do you mean “that’s it?”, I’m confu-” Hinto started to ask.
“You’ll see, walk to my house with me,” She interrupted him, quickly reaching their bus, and sitting in a seat together. Phoenix texted Noire and Xenia once she sat down.
“Meet me at my house once you get off your bus.”
After she got off the bus, Phoenix walked home with Hinto. She grabbed out her key, and promptly explained her plan. Hinto thought it was a good plan, and they just had to wait for Xenia and Noire to arrive. Soon the doorbell rang, and she explained to them her idea, they thought it was good, and they started working on her plan.
The next day, all 4 met up by the office. They had hand-drawn stitches on their hands drawn from pen in their favorite colors. Phoenix’s were red and black, Hinto’s were purple and blue, Noire’s were black and white, and Xenia’s were green and brown. They walked into the office, and asked to talk to the principal. They office assistant told them they could go in, and they asked if they could start their own new club. They explained the club, which was called “Snitches Get Stitches.” Each member had hand-drawn on stitches, and the only thing you had to do was come to weekly meetings, and tell a teacher of any misconduct of school rules they witness. Mrs. Amber quickly agreed to the idea of the club, stating how good of an idea she thought it was, and allowed them permission to hang up their posters in school.
Phoenix, the leader, could already tell that this club was going to be a great success, and help bullied kids feel a bit safer. She looked over at her friends, and gave them a smile. This was going to be a great school year.

The author's comments:

Phoenix is a normal student at SouthLake High School. She has friends, and gets good grades. One day, she witnesses someone bullying another student at her school, and tells the teacher. His friends figure out, and decide to make things tougher for her. Will Phoenix find a way to stop it, or will it end out that snitches really do get stitches?

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