Injury to Success

November 17, 2017
By volleyball2 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
volleyball2 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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The Sun shined bright as Summer rode her bike into the forest called Deep Creek. Summer had spent practically half of her summer roaming in it. The sounds of the birds chirping, the leaves waving, and the sun barely peeking through the green leaves made her never want to leave.  The wind blew her long brown hair all over her face making her feel like she was living in paradise. Summer closed her eyes for a moment so that she could inhale the beautiful day.  While she had her eyes closed, she felt her bike moving against the wind. BOOM! She opened her eyes and saw black. Her knee ached and she could see a big puddle of blood around it. Summer screamed but no one could hear her. Her voice just echoed throughout the forest but only the animals could hear it.  Summer’s head started getting dizzy and she passed out.
Summer woke up and saw white everywhere. She was lying in a bed that was mostly all white. She turned her neck slightly and she saw a bag with what seemed like water in it but then it clicked to her that it was an IV bag. She saw a red spot on the blanket right above her knee. Summer was so confused as to why there was blood so she curiously lifted the blanket and was shocked to see her knee. It was all bloody and really big. Summer started to freak out and she didn’t understand how a few minutes ago she was in the forest riding her bike and now she is in the hospital. She saw her mom through the corner of her eye and her mom started walking towards her. Summer’s mom explained what had happened. She told Summer why she was in the hospital but all Summer remembered was that she was hurt, and that it was very serious. Summer only remembered these seven words,” Summer might not be able to play volleyball again.” These words almost gave her a heart attack. Volleyball had always been her favorite sport since day one. There can be no possible way that she would never be able to play, but the doctors said,” there was a 99 percent chance she would never play again.”


As the sun slowly faded, Summer and her volleyball team started winding up. Four hours of practice and Summer was still not ready for the championship game in two days. She couldn’t get the butterflies out of her stomach. Anytime Summer thought about the game, she felt like puking her lunch out but she knew she had to toughen up or else Coach Trevor would bench her for the game. Her injury had been the worst thing that could’ve happened to her. She was not ready to start playing again. As Summer was leaving, Coach came up to her and asked her,” Are you ready?” What Summer wanted to say was,”no, I’m so scared that I want to puke,” but she knew that if she answered with that, then Coach Trevor would give her the longest speech of her life about how she has to be ready and positive or else he will bench her. So instead she said,”yeah I’m really pumped.”
Coach Trevor gave her a look of suspicion but he exclaimed,” that’s great, I’m excited to win.”
Summer walked out of the gym with one of her teammates. Cheryl was very tall and Summer was always jealous of how pretty she was. Cheryl and Summer were like sisters and no one could ruin their friendship. Cheryl and Summer both waved goodbye to one another and got into their cars. Summer didn't want to talk at all on the car ride home. Her dad continuously asked her questions but Summer zoned him out. Her parents didn’t like that she chose volleyball out of all the sports she could choose, so she didn’t want to speak with her parents at all. All she could think about was the game.

When she got home, she immediately sat at the dining table and waited for her mother to give her the warm, yummy food. Her mom had made pasta with bread. Summer loved her mom's cooking skills and enjoyed to eat it everyday but today she couldn’t enjoy the food because the second she put the pasta in her mouth, she wanted to puke it all out. She was so nervous that she couldn’t eat.  She felt sick to the stomach. Summer went into her room after barely eating a spoonful of her mom’s homemade pasta and decided to watch some youtubes videos. She wanted to be as relaxed as possible. As she watched many youtubers, she realized it was already 11 and she really needed to go to sleep. She had to wake up in about 7 hours and she was not going to get enough sleep. The second she fell into bed, her eyelids shut and she was sound asleep.

“Wake up, you’re going to get late!” Summer woke up to the sound of her mom yelling at her to wake up. Summer had totally forgotten about the game today because she was all focused on her sleep.
She hesitantly asked her mom,”Why are you telling me to wake up? It's only 6:00.”
Her mom gave her the most confused stare ever. “Honey, it’s your league championship game today.” Suddenly, Summer’s heart started racing and she couldn’t comprehend the words coming out of her mom’s mouth.
“Oh no . . . the game,” whispered Summer to herself. The butterflies flew back into her stomach and she started to feel like crying. Her mom, knowing that she was scared for the game, gave her a really big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“Summer stop worrying and get into the shower. You’ll do great.” Summer knew that her mom was just saying that to get her up because her mom hated Summer for playing volleyball. She thought that volleyball was a sport for punks.
In about 15 mins Summer was all ready to get into the car and head over to her school, where her game was to be played. As she got into the car, her brain was acting crazy. It kept pretending like Summer had forgotten something. Summer was so stressed and nervous that she felt like she didn’t want to play anymore.
They reached the gym and Summer rushed to her team and started to warm up her muscles. Her partner was Cheryl of course. 5 minutes later the buzzer went off and that meant it was time to play. Summer and her team got into their positions on the court and started to play. Summer in her head was thinking about how mean the girls on the other team looked. She was so tempted to sit out but she knew she had to win it for her team.
The first ball came flying over and Cheryl went for the ball but as it hit her arms, it flew backwards. Everyone started panicking and started worrying. The server on the other team had one strong serve and it was throwing Summer’s team off. The second ball came over and it came straight to Summer. Many thoughts were running through Summer’s brain as the ball came floating to her and as it hit her arms, it flew back. Summer and Cheryl had made the same mistake and being the best players on their team, the other players were stressed out of their minds. Summer quickly brought her team into a huddle and decided to take lead.
“Guys don’t worry. We are going to be fine and we are going to win.” Her team took this pretty seriously and they all started to turn their frowns upside down. Summer and her teammates were very pumped now that they had witnessed the first ball.
After a few more serves, the score was 24/23. Summer’s team had 24 and the other team was down by one. They had to win this point or else they were to have to play more. It was Summer’s serve and she had so many thoughts running around in her brain right now. Summer’s weakest point was always her serve and so now Summer was 100% sure that it wasn’t going to go over. Summer saw all the people standing on the bleachers. Their voices echoed in Summer’s head.
The people supporting the other team all screamed,”Booooooo.”
  Summer threw the ball into the air and all her memories came back to when she had gotten her injury and how she had promised herself that she would try her hardest and persevere. Summer used all the force and energy she could and hit the ball with the snap of her wrist. She shut her eyes and prayed for a sec hoping that all had went well and that the ball had went over. All the noises muted in Summer’s head. She couldn’t hear a single thing or see anything but black. 
Summer slowly opened her eyes and ear to the sound of so many people cheering and confetti flying around the gym. She saw her teammates and Coach Trevor running to her and she had done it. Summer threw her hands into the air and jumped with all the energy she had left in her. She had won, her team had won. This was all she had hoped for and it had came true. Summer knew that nothing could stop her from doing what she loved and was good at. Even her serious injury couldn’t stop her and even though she was not supposed to have been able to play, the miracle happened.

The author's comments:

I got my inspiration because about 2 years ago I had broken my finger. It was the week before my championship volleyball game and. I was very stressed and I had to recover or else I wouldn't be able to play. This inspired me to right about volleyball and how an injury can get in the way. 

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