Hope for Happiness

November 17, 2017
By Ava0404 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Ava0404 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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“Out of my way, dork!” shouts Daniel as he rages through the hallway and shoves Blaine against a locker. `

“Daniel would you just chill already,” says Jax, rolling his eyes. Blaine tries to get up, but Daniel stepping on his shoes as he tries to get up. Blaine waits until Daniel is gone to get up. Jax lends him a hand and helps him up.

“Thanks Jax, you really didn’t have to do that though,” Blaine says with an uncertain look on his face.

“Someone has to teach that jerk a lesson, all he does is throw you around everyday, it’s ridiculous!” Jax says angrily, hands clenched in fists. He storms off to his class, Blaine shaking his head as Jax leaves.

Blaine fixes his fluffy, dark ginger hair and brushes his crimson red hoodie. I hope I don’t have too many bruises. Blaine thinks to himself, suddenly noticing a green spot on the pale skin of his forearm.

“I can handle being bullied, I can make it through,” Blaine whispers to himself as he heads into English class. All throughout the day Blaine thinks of ways to avoid Daniel. He suggests to himself eating lunch in the bathroom stalls so he doesn’t get food thrown at him in the cafeteria. Blaine tries everyday to escape Daniel’s clutch, attempting to brush off all the rude things Daniel says to him. The bell for the end of sixth hour rings, a look of satisfaction appears on Blaine’s face.

“Finally I can go home, maybe I won’t run into Daniel,” says Blaine with a cheerful smile.
Unfortunately the odds were against Blaine yet again. Daniel and two of his friends come raging around the corner of the hallway. The color drains from Blaine’s face because he knows that Daniel’s friends are just as strong as him. By now all of the other students have left the building. It was just Blaine, Daniel, and Daniel’s minions. Daniel grabs hold of Blaine looking straight into his golden-hazel eyes.

“Let’s teach him his daily lesson, Daniel!” Jason exclaims with a wide grin. Scott, Daniel’s other friend, nods in agreement. Blaine is looking into Daniel’s jade-green eyes, as if he were locked in a trance. Daniel takes of his green letterman jacket and messes up Blaine’s fluffy hair.

“Just leave me alone! Jeez!” Blaine shouts, squirming on the ground. Scott raises his bushy black eyebrows. Jason flares his nostrils.

“Stop!” someone shouts from the end of the hallway. A girl with wavy blonde hair and brown eyes comes rushing to Blaine. She stops between Daniel and Blaine, and glares at Daniel.

“What could you possibly want, Deb?” asks Scott, narrowing his deep blue eyes.

“For you to stop bullying Blaine! He never did anything to you!”  Shouts Deb, getting more annoyed. Blaine tries to stand up, but Jason shoves him back to the ground.

“ But he’s the ultimate bait for us!” Jason exclaims, flashing a bright grin.

“Deb I’ll deal with them,” whispers Blaine as he looks back and forth between Daniel and Deb.a
“Ugh, fine! You’re lucky that Deb showed up, Blaine, or you’d be dead!” Screeches Daniel, “Come on guys, let’s get out of here before the other fun police show up.”

“Thanks Deb, you really didn’t have to . . . ” Blaine is cut off by Deb.

“They were going to beat you up, you needed help,” Deb exclaims, lending a hand to bring Blaine off of the ground, “The least you could do is let me walk home with you,”

“Oh well uh that would be nice Deb,” Blaine stutters. Deb opens the door for Blaine as he stumbles out of the school. They walk down the warm gray sidewalk, chatting about multiple shows they both enjoy. Finally, they arrive at Blaine’s house, a tan colored townhouse with a baby blue door.

“Well, this is my stop, see ya tomorrow!” Blaine beams, waving good-bye to Deb.

“See ya!” Deb mimics.

Blaine enters his house and is greeted by his dad.

“Why are you so late Blaine?” Blaine’s dad asks, briefly reading a newspaper article.

“Oh . . . I  just had to ask Mr. Maynard how to do these equations. He’s my last class of the day . . . so I just stayed for some extra time so I could understand the homework,” Blaine answers, stuttering.

“Okay, but text me next time so I know you’re staying late,” Blaine’s dad says with a fake serious look on his face.  I really need to tell a teacher or the principal about my bullies. Yet they’ll find out I told a teacher and they could hurt me even worse. Blaine thought to himself. He sits on his bed, hugging a pillow, determining if he should address the problem to a teacher or not.

“You know what, I’ll tell the principal tomorrow!” Blaine exclaims broadly. He begins to text Jax and Deb about his plans, both of them agreeing with him.

The next morning Blaine arrives at Westside High, triumphantly walking into the principal’s office. No second thoughts okay, Blaine? He asks himself.

“I would like to speak with Mr. Roberts,” Blaine says, head held high. The school secretary checks if principal Roberts signed in.

“Okay, he’s here, his office is at the end of that hall,” the secretary exclaims, pointing towards the hall.

Blaine makes his way towards the principal’s office, feeling more confident than he ever has. Here goes nothing! Blaine shouts in his head. He knocks on the door and is greeted by a man with graying brown hair and thick glasses.

“Hello Mr. Roberts, I need to talk to you about a problem that’s been going on for a while now,” Blaine says, thinking no second thoughts. Mr. Roberts nods in agreement, motioning Blaine to sit on a leather couch that sits in his office.

Blaine takes a seat on the couch, his palms are sweating.  No no no no, now is not the time to get nervous! He starts looking around the room,  getting more and more nervous by the second.
“What do you need to talk about, Blaine?” Mr. Robert asks, raising a bushy eyebrow.

“I… I… need to address a bullying issue that’s been happening with me,” Blaine says at last, “Daniel, Jason, and Scott have been bullying me… and for no reason at all!”

“Those boys on the basketball team? The sports junkies?” Mr. Roberts asks, writing the issue on a piece of paper. “I’ll have them sent down to the office later today, you won’t have to sit here with them.” Principal  Roberts is angry at the jocks for doing this.

“Anything else you need to know?” Blaine asks, looking at this burgundy shoes.

“What way have they bullied you, as in, what have they done or said to you?” Mr. Roberts asks, ready to write on the piece of paper.

“Well… they’ve called me names, thrown me against the lockers, trip me in the hallways, steal my notes, beat me up,” Blaine continues. Mr. Roberts looks past him at the olive green wall, eyes twitching. He adjusts his thick glasses, and thinks about what he wants to say.

“Well, I can’t exactly expel them, but… I can suspend them for two weeks for harassment,” Mr. Roberts broadly exclaims.

“Thankyou Principal Roberts! That would be incredible! But can you maybe… make them stay away from me for good, just in case they might want revenge, ya know?” Blaine has a full grin on his face now.

“I will most certainly try, I shall even tell my colleagues about it.” Mr. Roberts answers, fastening his royal purple tie.

As Blaine exits the principal’s office, Jax meets up with him, Deb following behind him.

“Did you do it Blaine? Did you put a stop to Daniel and his shenanigans?” Deb asks with sparkle in her eyes.

“Yeah I told him! He can’t expel them… but… they’re being suspended for 2 weeks and will be kept away from me for good!” Blaine beams, putting his hands on his hips.

“Blaine this is perfect! We’re really proud of you!” Jax responds.

“Let’s go to the diner for curly fries after school to celebrate! It’ll be on me!” Deb exclaims.

After school that day they went to the diner and celebrated pure victory.



The author's comments:

This story was inspired by the book Wonder  because people need to stop bullying, especially for no reason. 

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