The Last Takeoff

November 17, 2017
By Cormick_E BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Cormick_E BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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It was a sunny day at the airfield. Dale is a blonde boy with curly hair and freckles and his only goal in life is to become a commercial pilot. Dale was at the office to rent a plane, The worker said “Um . . . we don’t have a plane available at the moment.”
Dale looked around anxiously, “he asked what about that plane?” looking into the distance at a 1963 Cessna 172.
She said “well . . . it’s been grounded for a few years but I think we can rent that to you.”
Dale replied with a smile, “Great!” Dale was on his way to the hangar where he stowed his plane. He had to walk a long way because they gave him the hangar from the main office. Usually, they allow you to drive right up to the hangar but in Mettetal they don't let you because how small it is. Dale walks down to the hangar he was assigned to.                                      
Dale does a walk around inspection looking at all of the parts and checking and making sure that everything is working and not broken. Everything seems to be good. He climbs into the plane and turns on the engine. He goes through his before flight checklist, turning on the engine making sure all of the rudders work and he decides that it is all good. He taxis out of the hangar.
He puts his headset on and says “niner niner Dale request taxi to runway 44”
The air traffic control guy replied, “ Niner niner Dale clear for takeoff on runway 44 go to 25 and hold.”
Dale Repeated “ Niner niner Dale clear for takeoff on runway 44 go to 25 and hold” Then he proceeded to his runway, he was taxiing to 44 he stopped at runway 25 and asked, “ runway 25 clear?”
The air traffic control guy replied, “ Runway 25 clear” Then dale crossed the runway heading towards runway 44.
    Dale repeated, “ Runway 25 clear and crossing” Dale creeps up to runway 44 and says “runway 44 clear for takeoff?”
    The air traffic control guy replies, “ runway 44 clear for takeoff” Dale comes to a stop doing his final check and pushes the throttle knob all the way in and pulls up as all the dials and instruments are moving and showing stats. His wheels leave the ground and he takes off but he pulls too far back and stalls. His plane starts going out of control he is going straight to the ground spinning out of control. Dale yelled “AHHHHHHHHH”Things inside the plane are flying all around the c***pit a book that was in the seat next to him flies up and knocks him out. The next thing he sees is a flash of people wheeling him through the hospital they are all panicked then he couldn’t see anything else. Next thing he knew he was lying in bed with a broken left leg and arm and stitches on his forehead.
    The doctor said, “ You shouldn’t fly for a while but after a few weeks you can start walking and doing things as usual”
Dale replied sadly, “Okay” Dale rolled out to his car luckily he broke his left leg because if he broke his right then he wouldn’t be able to drive. He got to his apartment and realized to get to his apartment there wasn't an elevator so he had to crawl up the stairs dragging his wheelchair behind him. He gets up to his apartment and starts watching tv and falls asleep.
The next day he wakes up and sees his crash on the news the reporter was explaining what happened and she said,” the engine stalled just seconds of taking off from the runway.” He watches closely as he is having flashbacks he can’t take the bad memories he looks for the closest thing near him and he threw it at the tv shattering it. Then he looks in the newspaper for a job since he isn’t going to become a commercial pilot. All he had ever wanted was to be a commercial pilot so that’s all he prepared to do so he had to take a job at cluckin’ bell which was right next to Mettetal airport. He had to work the graveyard shift because that’s all that was available. Days turned into months, months turned into years. Then one day he glanced out the drive-through window he saw a beautiful Beechcraft Bonanza landing on the runway. A Beechcraft Bonanza is a 6 person plane and it had a red paint on the top half and white paint on the other half, There was also black tinted windows. He remembered all of the good times that he had as a pilot, like his first solo flight he took off from Mackinac island airport and flew over the Mackinac bridge right when the sun was setting this what the point when he knew he wanted to become a pilot again. He walks out of cluckin’ bell and walks straight to the airport and asks, “ can I get a plane?” The lady replies, “ I need to see your license”
He replies, “It’s right here” handing her his pilot's license
She tells him “ Your license expired last year, you have to take a test to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything”
He says, “ oh this should be easy” he hands her the test and she grades the test
She says angrily, “ You got two out of 30 questions right”
He replies, “ That can’t be? I will come back tomorrow and take the test again” He goes home and studies aeronautical maps and rules. He returns the next day and takes the test again and gets %100 and she lets him rent a plane. He goes on a very long flight and decides he’s going to become a pilot again. The next day he wakes up at 6:00 am and flies from 7 am to 6 pm every day then once he gets home at 6:30 he studies from 7 to 9. He does this for months and racks up 1500 hours which is just enough to become a pilot. He applies for a job with Delta and he got the job flying a Boeing 747 on a transatlantic flight from Detroit Metro to Heathrow Airport which is in London. He thinks if this was all worth it, then he says in his head, “ of course.”

The author's comments:

I am currently in flight school and have always wondered what it would be like to be in a crash and how hard it would be to overcome that challenge.

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