A Mission to Space

November 17, 2017
By mishaalm BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
mishaalm BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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When Caster was young, he always wanted to travel to space. He had short brown hair that covered his face and brown eyes that were the color of wood. He dreamt about the wonders of the galaxies, and the endless amount of space the universe had. He wanted to explore planets that haven’t been traveled onto yet, such as Uranus and Neptune. Due to his passion for space, Caster decided he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up and studied astronomy when he had time to spare. He was a passionate and shy young child.
As Caster grew older, his passion for space never faded away. He was an overachiever in his science classes and decided to major in astronomy when it was time for him to go to college. College was never a struggle for him. He enjoyed school very much and got along well with his teachers. He was not afraid to ask teachers when he needed help with something.
“Mr. Halewicz, I need help with my math homework. I do not understand these complicated physical questions. Will you assist me?” Caster would have ask.
“Of course. What do you need help and assistance with?” answered his teacher.
Mr. Halewicz was a young experienced man with blond hair. He was always kind to his students.
“Thank you!” he would say happily.
The conversation would keep going as Caster would begin to understand whatever he needed help with. He was a quick learner with a thirst of knowledge.
After he became an astronomy major and graduated college, he decided to work at a national space station. The space station he went to work at had a goal to send humans on to Mars.
The thought of traveling to Mars made Caster feel ecstatic. Since he was young, he had always wanted to travel to other planets that had information yet to be discovered. To be set on to the Mars mission, Caster had to be trained by other astronauts which was known to be very difficult. Knowing this, Caster knew that he had to work extra hard.
His astronaut training, was indeed, very difficult.  One of the exercises were to test your motion sickness. Caster was not prone to motion sickness, but he did have a hard time when vehicles were moving fast. He did not do good on this exercise, but he was allowed to keep doing exercises. He also had to adapt to weightlessness and radiation. He could feel his stomach getting nervous when he thought of the idea of not being able to go to Mars. While training, Caster thought he could never get through it. His other peers were also having difficulty, but they went through it by the end.
“Stop being slow!” said the coaches.
“Get a grip!” said the others.
“I’m trying my best!” exclaimed Caster.
Caster started to wonder why he was the only one not being able to go through the training. What did they have that he didn’t? He decided to ask one of his peers.
“What did you do get you through all that training?” asked Caster.
“I never gave up. Never giving up and trying your hardest is the key to success,” said his peer, Harry.
“But . . . how do you do that? Don’t you ever have a strong desire to give up?” questioned Caster.
“Even when you have that feeling you have to keep going,” replied Harry.
Caster did not understand. Was his passion for going on Mars not enough for getting through all that training? He decided to take his advice from his peer after giving some thought. His dreams from his childhood shall not be abandoned. He did not want his former self to be disappointed in himself.
With hard work and determination, Caster got through the training. He adapted to the weightlessness and the radiation. He had encouragement from Harry and found courage within himself that told him to keep following his dream and continue facing challenging obstacles. His peers started to respect him and got along with him.
“Nice job!” said the coaches.
“Good going!” others around him would say.
Having positive praise instead of negative remarks gave Caster courage. After the training, Caster was finally allowed to explore Mars!

The author's comments:

This story was inspired by my dad, a hardworking and kind man.

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