November 17, 2017
By SRH13 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
SRH13 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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“Come on!” screamed Adam through the whole house, “We need to leave, the flights in an hour!”
Jeff screamed back even louder “I'm coming!”
“I'll be in the cab,” Adam replied calmly.
Adam and Jeff were going on a trip to Florida to go skydiving. They didn't want to do it in Michigan because of the amazing view in Florida. Adam has wanted to go skydiving his whole life, 32 years, but he hasn't had the opportunity because of his busy job of being a doctor.
Jeff jumped into the taxi cab, “Let's go,” Jeff told the driver in excitement.
“Where to?” asked the driver.
“Detroit Metro,” replied Adam.
Adam and Jeff took a 24-minute drive to the airport. They got out of the car and looked at the dark sky in the humid weather.
“That's not good, our flights going to get delayed,” moaned Jeff.
“Ugh,” sighed Adam.
Adam and Jeff shuffled into the smelly airport, got into the long baggage line, and paid 23 dollars extra because the luggage was over 50 pounds. They both hustled over to security because the flight was in 29 minutes.
“Let's go,” hurried Adam.
“Ok, Ok,” interrupted Jeff.
After security, they sprinted over to gate A6 with 3 minutes to get on the plane. They got to the gate and read the sign. It read “Flight delayed 1 hour.”
“Oh my gosh,” moaned both of them.
They waited patiently until they both got on the plane an hour and a half later. They boarded the plane and sat in row 13 seat D and E.
It was a silent plane ride, Jeff slept most of the time.  All of the sudden… there was a loud noise
“Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,” the engine sound was.
Jeff woke up from his nap. The Co-pilot came on the speaker, “Everybody, heads down, seat belts on, everything is going to be OK”.
Adam and Jeff were nervous, they didn't know what was going on. All of the sudden a siren went off.
“Beep beep beep... “
“What's happening?!” they both wondered
Then, they felt their whole body lift up from the seat, as they were falling from the sky. The engine has failed. Babies were crying, Adam and Jeff were worried, everybody was worried. No one was talking the flight attendants were in the back, the pilots were trying to make the plane fly, everybody was bracing for impact. It was about 3 minutes, the plane was super shaky and loud. The lights shut off, the seatbelt signs still on, the Co-Pilot came on the speaker,
“We have this under control, everyone will be fine.”
“Doesn't seem like it!” a grandpa yelled from the back row.
It was about 2 minutes of silence, except for the loud engine noise.
Then, the lights came back on, the engine stopped making the noise the co-pilot came on the speaker,
“The engine failed,” explained the Co-pilot, “But, it's working now.”
Everyone sighed in relief.
“We are going to make a stop in Tennessee,” explained one of the flight attendants.
They flew down to Tennessee, to fix the engine problem, there was a 1-hour overlay so they could continue to go to Florida. The plane landed and they all sat there for about 15 minutes. Everyone got off the plane and everybody was talking about the problem, of course. Adam and Jeff waited for the next plane, in silence, both in shock, they didn't know what to say. The plane to Florida arrived, they got their carry-ons and went to board the plane.
“Ticket please,” the lady asked.
“We were just on the plane where the engine failed, we stopped here and we need to go to where the plane was originally going,” they both explained.
“Ohh, yes, I'm sorry about that” she explained.
They both got on the plane, the first ones, and sat down, waited about 45 minutes and the plane took off. They were both nervous they didn't want anything bad to happen. It was a safe flight, but most people didn't go on the ride because they were too scared.
They landed safely and they got off the plane. They went to the uber.
“Where are we going?” asked the driver.
“The gardens hotel,” explained Jeff.
The took a long drive to the hotel, traffic was horrible. The went to the hotel, got their keys, and opened their door.
They both unpacked their stuff and took a 30-minute nap. After they were well rested, they went to get on the 5:50 plane to go skydiving! The jumped into the smelly uber.
“Where to?” asked the driver.
“Jump Florida Skydiving,” said Adam.
They took a long car ride. They got out of the car after paying the uber. They were both nervous the walked into the building. They bought their ticket and went to a room where they told them what to do.
“Then you're going to pull this,” she explained pulling the wire.
After they were done, they walked out the stairs to get on the plane. They strapped on their seatbelts and they took off! It was a very slow day so it was only them two.
“I'm nervous,” they both uttered
They flew for about 10 minutes, they got up out of their seats and were shaking with fear. They strapped up to the professional.
“And in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1...,”
They jumped out of the plane
“AHHHHHHHHHH!” they both screamed at the top of their lungs.
They were falling incredibly fast! They pulled the parachute and slowed down. Adam and Jeff enjoyed the beautiful view of the Florida sunset.  About 5 minutes later Jeff and Adam were close to the ground. Brace for impact they said. It was a smooth landing on an open field they both slid about 30 feet and stopped.
“That was awesome!” they said in excitement.
They both thought they needed to do it again. They went to the hotel and stayed a couple nights and went back to the cold Michigan weather.

The author's comments:

Adam and Jeff went to go skydiving, and the plane almost crashed. They get over their fear and go skydiving.

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