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November 17, 2017
By Mohammed_Muneeb BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Mohammed_Muneeb BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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“We got this guys we can win today,” said Sanjo,” It might be a tough game but I know we can pull this one away, let’s get out their and show them whos the boss,” screamed out Sanjo.” (They are out their playing when Sanjo’s team the spurs have a chance)
“Max you got this I’ll run down the middle than you cross it… okay,” said Sanjo. “You just run bro I’ll find you,” Excitedly said Max” “Okay let’s go,” says Sanjo.
(Max runs down the side and Sanjo runs down the middle) “Max crosses the ball and… GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!” Screams the commentator,” “Sanjo Brown has done it again with a header goal, and that’s the game folks. Spurs( Sanjo’s team name) are 1-0 to start the season.”
3 days later…  Sanjo Brown's dad is in the hospital from a car crash. “Hi, is this Sanjo,” says the doctor over the phone.
“Yes, this is Sanjo… how may I help you,” says Sanjo.
“This is Dr.Matthew from Manchester Hospital… well we just wanted to tell you that your dad… well he is in critical care and I think you might want to visit him just in case,” slowly lets out the Doctor.
“Just in case of what…,”says Sanjo really worried.
“ Well your dad might… die, it's a might though,”says the doctor. “WHAAAAT,”screams out Sanjo,” “I’m on my way,” crying Sanjo says.
At the hospital he meets his dad… “Dad,” says Sanjo sobbing. “It’s gonna be okay son, just promise you you’ll take of your mother and continue your soccer dream,” says dad. “ Yes… I… will,” sobbing Sanjo says.
2 days later his dad dies. He and his mom are all crying and sad. Sanjo is heartbroken but remembers what his dad told him do and goes to soccer practice. There at soccer practice everyone finds out what happened and all his teammates help him out.
The next day Sanjo is warming up for the a really intense game.
“ We got this guys” says Sanjo,” “ Can I ask you guys a favor, I might not play my best so can you guys please step up and really help me out,” says Sanjo.
“Of course, that’s what teammates are for bud,”say his teammates.
( Halftime 0-1, spurs are losing)
“I’m sorry guys we might lose this one… it’s just… you guys know its kinds of hard for me,” says Sanjo softly.
“It’s okay bro its not your fault, I would play the same way if that would have happened to me” says Jake.
( They end up losing 1-2)
“I’m sorry guys, I won’t let you guys down again” says Sanjo.
“Bro stop putting it on yourself, it wasn’t your fault,” says jake “Yeah” says everyone else.

(2 games later)  
“We got this guys we can this game today, this is the most important game so this season… if we win than we win the championship and our league,” says Sanjo. “Let’s go out there and show them what we're really capable of… you guys with me,” says Sanjo.
“Of course we gonna take the W today,” shouts his teammates” .
“ Let’s go we got this” says Sanjo.
“Lots and lots of passing today but no action… no one has even come close to scoring a goal today” says the commentator.  “The jags have a chance now, captain cody’s running down the left sideline and theirs 2 strikers running down the middle this might be the only chance anyone gets this first half” says the commentator.
“Captain Cody is running, running, running and he crosses the ball into the middle… Aaron headers it towards the goal and WOW what a save by the goalie” says the other commentator.
“Alot more passing going on but it sure looks like Captain Cody’s team the jags are really dominating this game, Captain Sanjo’s team the spurs are really trying their best to do something” says the commentator.
“Only 2 minutes left but jags are getting another chance at the goal, jags have went all attack with 4 strikers running down the middle and behind them all is of course the captain… he passes it to mike, mike passes to josh, josh passes to Mohammed, Mohammed passes to the Captain… and the Captain fires and  GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!” Screams the commentator.
(Halftime) Come on guys we have to do something, were literally letting them dominate us like that. Show me what this team is made of. GET OUT THERE ARE RECK THEM SO BAD THAT THEY WISH THEY FORFEIT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!
“Only 20 minutes left but the spurs have their first chance… they’re running an all out attack… 5 players running down” says the commentator.
“They keep passing, passing, passing… ooof the defender steals it” says the commentator.
“ Wait hold onto your horses because they’re fighting back and the spurs have possession again, Captain Sanjo running down the right sideline and what a cross and GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!” screams the commentator. 
“1-1 tied but might go to extra time because there's only a few minutes left”.  “ The spurs are coming back with another attack… Sanjo crosses it and ooof what a foul and it's a costly one for the jags might be the only chance the spurs will have to get in front… penalty kick in the box.
Captain Sanjo is obviously gonna take it because… well he’s the best” says the commentator.
“But wait Sanjo is telling the player who got hurt, jake to take the penalty” says the commentator. “Wow how nice is that… Jake takes it and GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!, the spurs have beaten the undefeated jags in the finals and have won this league.” excitedly screams the commentator.
( In the locker room after the match) “Let’s go guys, I knew we could do it, thanks for proving me right, now let’s go and party my bros” says Sanjo happily.

The end

The author's comments:

He had many hardships in his life. He has lost someone very important to him. He also lost the game for his team. Will this kid come back with girt or quit. You don't want to miss this.

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