November 15, 2017
By TheDarkApple BRONZE, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
TheDarkApple BRONZE, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
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It was a beautiful sunny afternoon (about 12 o'clock) with no clouds in the sky, the temp was in the 60s. Malachi walked out of his house and walked over to his garage and picked the green truck with big wheels and rust on it, because his brand-new truck was getting new wheels, and an engine swap, and it would be done later. Malachi couldn't wait till later so that’s why he took his green truck.

First, on Malachi's way to the trail to get up the mountain he forgot to check and see how much gas he had in the tank and he ran out of gas, luckily, he had gas in his gas can so Malachi poured that in, and he made his way to the closest gas station he could find and filled up the tank then, he made his way to the mountain.

Then, on his way up the mountain Malachi got stuck in the mud, and he couldn’t get out of the mud, and since he ran out of gas earlier and had to go to a gas station it wasted a lot of his time. So, it was starting to get dark, he was worried about bears and racoons because he didn't want to get attacked so then he started walking down the hill, on his way down the hill he saw a bear so knowing from experience he stood still until the bear looked away.

When Malachi got to the bottom, he got his white iPhone 5c out, and he had service so, then he called his garage and Malachi asked, "Is my new truck done and if it is can you bring it to me up the mountain?"

Luckily Malachi's new truck was done so he had them deliver it to him so he could get his green truck out of the mud. When it was delivered his mechanic told him, "There are new tires on the truck and the engine was swapped, so now you have more horsepower and torque."

Then he jumped in the truck, he had a gear shifter in it and there was a skull on it, the truck was lifted, and it was blue. When he arrived at his green truck he hooked his winch to the truck and pulled it out of the mud and towed it down the hill.

On Malachi's way down the hill it was dark, and Malachi saw a bear, deer, racoons, and a possum. Malachi said, (in his head),"I'm glad my mechanic arrived here in time, because I didn’t want to deal with all those animals."

When Malachi got to the bottom of the hill there was a bear and the bear tried to get into the truck but the door was locked so the bear couldn't get in. After trying so hard the bear finally gave up and ran away.

Then after all of that Malachi started to head home for the night, before he went home he had to drop the mechanic off at his garage and Malachi parked his truck in there and walked over to his house went in and got a shower, then went to bed.

The next morning, it was wet out, it was sunny and it was the best day to go mudding in Malachi's new truck. Malachi woke up, got dressed, ate and went out to his truck got in it and went to where there was a big valley with mud.

When Malachi arrived to the valley he got out of the truck and looked at everything on the truck to make sure everything was secured in place and nothing would fall out if there was a big bump.

After a while Malachi said, "This is starting to get boring. I think I'm going to go home. So, then Malachi started to head home he arrived home around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, walked inside changed clothes (because they were muddy) and then sat on the couch for the rest of the day and watched tv.

The author's comments:

This artical was based off of a game i played

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