Did I cheat or not?

March 18, 2009
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Did I cheat or not?

On one chilly, winter day, all the kids of my school, Northshore High School, came ready to take their science finals. As I walked down the halls, I noticed that everyone was particularly nervous. Everyone was biting their nails, sweating lots or just talking between each other about how their tests were going to be so tough. Knowing our teacher was a villainous lady, it turned out just as I expected the second I walked into Mrs. Briggs science class.

She was in an indignant mood I could tell because she scowled as all of us walked into her room. All of us sat down at our assigned seats, waiting for this class to start with much torture. Mrs. Briggs stood up and tried to sound like she was in a superb mood by saying good morning to us. Like always, she went over how we were supposed to answer the questions and where we were supposed to turn it in. After she had explained very thoroughly, she handed out the thick tests that said “Science Final Exam” on it.

Everyone began starting their test and I got through the first 10 or 15 questions with no conflict at all. Then, I was working on a problem that I had to use my eraser many, many times for. I accidentally knocked it off the table so I quickly retrieved it off the ground and looked back at my paper. But before I could even start writing again, Mrs Briggs looked up from her book and told me to come up to the front of the room with my test in hand. Since I didn’t want to make her even angrier, I shuffled up there as quietly but as fast as I could.

I arrived at her desk and she looked very upset with me. Curious, I questioned her “What’s wrong Mrs. Briggs?” She looked at me like I was talking in another crazy language. Then she spoke up and said “Don’t lie to me. I saw you looking off Kathy’s paper trying to cheat for one of the questions.” Very offended, I declared that I did no such thing. With another look of disgust, she told me that if I didn’t start telling her the truth that she would send me to the principal’s office. Not knowing what to do I just remained quiet, as I knew that my consequence was going to end up miserably heading to the principal’s office.

Just as I was about to go back to my desk to pack up, she told me “Okay, I’ll let you off the hook just barely this time. But next time, it is straight to the principal’s office. Are we clear?” Feeling relieved I choked out a “Yes ma’am. I promise it won’t happen again.” All of the students had looked up by now, confused at what was going on. But I went back to my desk very reassured that I could finish my test with the remaining time left. Working hard, I managed to finish just in time, although I wasn’t sure how the other half of the test turned out since I was in a rush.

It was two days after that day when we received our tests back. To my excitement, I aced the test! On the last page, the teacher wrote me a note saying I did an extraordinary job and was sorry that she accused me of cheating. Maybe my teacher isn’t as dreadful as everyone believes she is. We’ll have to wait and see at the next class. You never can know the teacher’s personality and mood fully at all…

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M&M4ever said...
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you're a great writer
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