Contrasted Skies

March 18, 2009
By NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
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Blue Skies
Bright and Beautiful
Filled with many diverse pictures
Clouds have too many faces to count
It is so vibrant and relentless
Fun-loving and delightful
Daytime with birds flying into the expanse
Planes leaving trail in the clouds
Streaks of the sun’s rays
Casting shadows over the dusk’s approach
Storms destroying in every which way
Leaving devastation every where
Tornadoes crush the sky and
Cover it with the insanity of gray and black
Lightning striking down and scorching the land
Incinerating every piece of grass
Hurricanes ravaging every coast
Leaving nothing left alive
And all in desolate

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