Broken Away

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Lases reaching for the smooth glass, the small girl pressed her tiny face up agianst it. Chaining back tears, she laid her small finger on the window next to her eye. Emotions swelling up from inside, she tried with all her might to hold them in. Her body began to tremble, telling her she could not contain her emotion any longer. Tears began to gush from her reddened eyes and dance swiftly down her cheek like a river that had been held back for one year to long. She slowly, sadly started to turn away from the window, away from the family she was longing to stay apart of, but she had no choice, she had to leave.
Silently blinking her eyes to clear them of the wet fog, she waved goodbye to the family that had nurtured and loved her. She new she would see them again, but when she did not know, just the thought of her family triggered the wet emotions that slowly began to fill her eyes. Turning away from the window she sat cross legged, facing the seat in front of her. her seat began to tremble as the wheels started to turn. As the car drove away she was leaving not only her pain and sorrow but her old life that had just been completley destructed. lost. She sat silently in the back of the car wondering, dreaming, and hoping, that her new family would be just as loving as the one she had just been torn away from.

The author's comments:
umm well we were told to choose a picture to write about and i chose a picture of a small girl crying with her face pressed lightly up aginst a window. so ya =]

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