October 27, 2017
By DaishiaBailey BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx, Texas
DaishiaBailey BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx, Texas
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 “Come in and help me clean before Mrs.Ashley and Jeff come over,”  Mrs. Sally said to Samantha.


Mrs. Sally’s childhood friend, Mrs. Ashley, was coming over for dinner. Mrs. Sally and Mrs. Ashley have been friends ever since they were born. Now they are married and have kids of their own who are one month apart from each other:  Jeff was born on  May 13, 2002, and Samantha was born June 13, 2002. They grew up together and even attended school together.

Samantha and Jeff loved to play everyday at school and after school. They would take turns on going to each other’s houses. They would mostly go to Samantha’s house because it had a big tree house, and they would go inside the tree house and play, do homework, and laugh all day long, until Jeff had to leave and go home.
Jeff’s and Samantha’s birthdays are coming up; they are turning a big 13, so Mrs.Ashley and Mrs. Sally decided to have their skating parties together.

May 29th was Jeff’s and Samantha’s party, and while they were skating,  Jeff was trying to show off and do some tricks to impress Samantha because Jeff had a crush on Samantha but Samantha never knew but it’s ok because Samantha also like Jeff too. Jeff was skating backwards and he was doing great Samantha was cheering him on then all of a sudden “Jeff watch out”, yelled Samantha. Jeff has ran into other people skating and has broke his arm and hit his head on the floor pretty hard. The next day Jeff is released from the hospital with his green cast and on the cast was “Samantha” in big letters.

A few years has passed Jeff and Samantha are finally in High School they are so excited. They have almost all the same classes together. A few months have passed Jeff and Samantha are drifting apart for each other. They are not talking as much anymore or going to each others house to hang out or even do homework together.


Samantha is getting upset because she thinks she’s losing her best friend. Suddenly Jeff texted Samantha “Hey”, said Jeff  “Hi”, said Samantha “Look I don’t want you to be sad or mad but I don’t think we should be friends anymore”, said Jeff. “What why”, said Samantha “Because I don’t want you to worry about me anymore I have to go don’t text me anymore”, said Jeff “Fine I don’t want to ever see you again”, said Samantha.

A few days pass by, Samantha sees Jeff hall but never stops him to see how’s he’s doing or if he’s is ok. The next day she never saw him so she thought to herself “ Maybe he woke up late and just stayed home”, thought Samantha. Jeff hasn’t returned to school and it has been over 4 weeks now.

Samantha begins to worry so she decides to call Mrs. Ashley. “Hello”, said Mrs. Ashley “How’s Jeff I haven’t seen him at school lately”, said Samantha. “Well he has been sick for awhile...well you just need to come to the hospital’, said Mrs. Ashley. “Ok on my way”, said Samantha. Samantha and her mom show up to the hospital a million thoughts are running throw her head.

Finally, she is in front of Jeff’s hospital door.

She slowly opens the door...she sees Jeff laying there looking weak and helpless. “Samantha I like you and I didn’t know how to tell you because I know you like me and I didn’t want you to tell you the bad news first”, said Jeff. “What’s the bad news”, said Samantha. “I have cancer”, said Jeff. Samantha drops down to her knees and begins to cry. “I am sorry, I am sorry for what I said I should have been here for you but I wasn’t and I am really sorry”, said Samantha. “It’s ok”, said Jeff. That night Samantha stayed all night with him and laughed and had a great time with him.

The next day Jeff’s doctor came in “If Jeff does chemo he might live and best cancer”, said the doctor. Samantha and Jeff started to cheer and shout with joy. As Samantha got up to give Jeff a big hug and tell him she loved him and that he can do this and she is gonna be with him every step of the way. Then all of a sudden he flat lined “he’s gone, it’s over I no longer have a chance to say I love you because he’s gone but in a better place”.

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