Go for It!

March 17, 2009
By Kandace Raybon BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
Kandace Raybon BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
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I sat on my porch daydreaming of my days of fame in the music world. The days when venues would cram and seats would sell out in anticipation of his arrival. I am just a 20 year-old boy from a small town in Idaho with barely any chance of my dream ever coming true. I will continue to make steps towards my goal with some of these steps being a little questionable.
“I quit my job yesterday,” I told my friend Dex while we sat swinging on my parents’ porch swing.
“What? he exclaimed in a shocked and almost horrified tone. “Why would you do such a thing? Archie, what has gotten into you?’ asked my overly concerned friend.
“I have decided to pursue my dreams of being a multi-platinum recording artist. I can almost see my name in lights. I was actually envisioning my life of stardom just a moment ago. If you noticed the lack of my attention, that is why.”

The look on Dex’s face was priceless as he listened to what his friend had to say. He tried to think of what to say and could not come up with anything encouraging.
“So are you telling me that you threw away three years of hard work for some fantasy. Let me tell you something friend, fantasies don’t pay the bills. Dreams only come true in the storybooks and the sooner you face those facts the better.” he told me.
“You poor, cynical soul. What is your problem?” I sarcastically inquired. I could not believe the audacity of that fool.
The tension in the air was apparent. Suddenly, the phone began ringing. I walk inside to answer it, leaving Dex alone to muse on the question that he was asked.
“Hello.” I answered the phone.
“Yes. I am calling for Archibald Baldry, is he available?”
“I am Archibald Baldry.”
“Hello, Mr. Baldry. This is Jackson Barnes of Red Belly Studios and I am calling to possibly set up an appointment time to discuss your song Sing Away Sorrow and its potential in the music industry.” Silence filled the room as Archie nearly passed out with excitement. Somebody liked his song and he could not believe it. “Are you still there, Mr. Baldry?”
“Oh. Yes, I am still here. Sorry about spacing out. I just got caught up in the moment. I would be thrilled to meet with you. When would you like me to be there?” I asked
“Tomorrow afternoon at two, if that’s okay with you. We are located at 2735 Pelonis St. Portland, OR 410902.”
“Tomorrow is perfect. I will see you there.” Archie hung up the phone and screamed. Dex, his pessimistic friend, was shockingly still at his house and came inside to see what had happened.
“What is it? Dex worriedly asked.
“Dreams can come true in real life my friend and that phone call was proof of that. Two weeks ago I sent in a demo c.d. to Red Belly Records in Portland and that was a representative calling to schedule a meeting to discuss my song’s potential. Isn’t that exciting?” I explained.

While waiting for an answer, Archie went to his room to begin packing for the trip of his life. In the meantime, Dex stands in the kitchen in utter disbelief.
“Congratulations! We should go and celebrate.” said Dex finally.
“That is very kind of you, Dex. I have to be in Portland by tomorrow afternoon, though. Maybe we can celebrate when I get back, unless you want to go with me.” I replied.

Dex looked at Archie in a confused manner. “Why would he want a ‘cynical soul’ like myself going with him?” Dex thought to himself. “I would love to go with you. I will go home and pack.” he said.

Archie and Dex drove all night and arrived in Portland just in time to freshen up and arrive at Red Belly Studios at 1:30 p.m. They both waited impatiently in the waiting room while Dex came to grips with his regrets in life and apologized to Archie for taking his mistakes out on him. His apology was accepted as Archie’s name was called.
“Good luck!” wished Dex to Archie.
“Thanks. I’ll need it.” replied Archie as he walked into the meeting that could make him an artist by profession.

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