October 29, 2017
By Emiliano.B3st BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Emiliano.B3st BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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It was a nice sunny day. Well it was. We had been waiting all day for this our soon to be “parents”. My name is Bellamy and I would preferred not to say my last name since I want no relationship with my “parents” that left me and my brother Nathan all alone since we were kids. You see me and Nathan are twins although I feel like i’m the older brother.. We have been together literally since day one. But today was the day we finally got out of this stupid foster care. We kept looking through our tiny window we had, desperately waiting for our new parents that might adopt us.
“You sure that they even want us?”
“ Trust me Nathan I have a good feeling about these two.” Or at least I thought I did.
They were finally here and we were really as nervous as it gets, Nathan was holding onto my hand, yeah weird right? A 15 year old holding on to his brother’s hand, but that just shows you how close we were. There they were, they came to us.
“ Hey how are you guys doing!”
“We are trying to hang in there.”
Then Tommy (Veronica’s boyfriend) hit us with something hard.
“Well listen we have talked over this and we...well we can only adopt one of you.”
There it was you could see the look on Nathan’s face afraid, astonished, amazed.
“But I can’t be separated from Bellamy” stuttered Nathan. “Listen Nathan I want you to go with Veronica and Tommy,I know they’ll take good care of you.”
“No! I won’t!” Nathan ended up running back to our tiny room. “Sorry but we can’t be separated, we just can’t, we need each other.” I ran after Nathan.
That night Nathan lost all hope that we will ever get adopted, so I started thinking instead of sleeping, neither of us want to be here so what would be a good solution. Then it hit me, we would need to escape. Of course I didn’t tell Nathan right away because he is well a very emotional dude, he would go crazy happy when something exciting was going to happen or get super sad when something went wrong. So I kept it a secret planning our escape for weeks, and weeks. When finally I told Nathan.
“But what if we get caught? I can’t do this Bellamy, I’m to scared”
“Listen I know it seems like many things can go wrong but do you really want to wait here for another 3 years? We can go out these walls instead of just looking out the window!” It took a while but I finally convinced him.
We would escape when we would go eat, everyone would go to the “lunchroom” while we hid and would open the window and escape out there. I’m not going to lie it was pretty scary but the adrenaline rush made us both keep going.
We got down from the roof and out into the street, we did it.
“What do we do now Bellamy?”
“We run”
So we ran, we ran and far and as fast as possible. Before we left I managed to get some money, so we looked for the nearest store. We finally got to one and we changed clothes, got hoodies so we wouldn’t get caught.
“What are we going to eat though”
That’s when I realized I didn’t fully plan this all out, what were we gonna eat? Where were we gonna sleep. Of course I tried to keep it chill so Nathan wouldn’t know. Even doing that I knew that he knew something was wrong. So we struggled we didn’t know where stuff was at. For basically most of our lives we spent in there. It sucked but I started to think being homeless sucked even more. But then the best thing happened. We were going to the supermarket to buy whatever we could with change found on the floor and money from the generous people that gave us a few extra dollars. I told NAthan to go get whatever he wanted that was under $3. Then all of a sudden he screamed
“BELLAMY!” I ran as fast as I could trying to figure out where he was. I found him talking to a lady. That lady was the same lady that was going to adopt us, Veronica. At first she was scared or more amazed rather than scared.
“How did you guys get out?”
“Why did you guys get out?!”
“I'll go take you back” then both me and Nathan shouted
“No!” we didn’t want to return and explained why we left and all that information that she wanted to know. Then out of the blue she told us about her and her boyfriend breaking up, we were shook.
“Listen I know I might struggle a bit, but would you guys want to spend some nights at my house? You two seem to be struggling.” You could see the happiness and joy on NAthan’s face, so we accepted the offer. Now Veronica, or mom has a new caring boyfriend that is really nice! Nathan and me are doing great and going to school so hopefully one day we could repay them for what they helped us with.

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