October 29, 2017
By maryana24 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
maryana24 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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I’m 17 years old .My name is Ruby Lopez. This is a story about  my life. Everyone has their own  life to tell.  
The morning has come. It’s time to go back to a world .Where there’s no happiness, no peace, no happy ending. When the night comes my eyes close then my dreams come true . There’s no limit to my dreams until I open my eyes. Dreams are just dreams. Nothing will come true. The only thing that I will come is the sad painful truth. There’s no hope.  No way out of this nightmare. A nightmare that never ends. Nightmare that keeps going even though I open my eyes. Nothing changes day by day the same thing happens.My mom always,” Dreams are only for rich people.” This never leaves my head. My head is feel up of worries, problems, lies ,and lost dreams. I will never be someone in this life. What’s the point of keep living if you will never find a happy place where there’s no nightmare. But, then I hear my brothers voice,” WAKE UP!” His name is Seth. He is 13 year old he has his whole life ahead of him. If only he listen to me he would be in the right path.But, no he rather be with a group boys with only cause problem in the neighborhood . The guy who think they run this neighborhood. Seth says they are like a family to him.That they understand and care about him. Everyone says the same thing that “Everything will be okay or I will find a happy ending.” LIES! There’s no stop to this nightmare. 
I get up from my old, small, weak bed. I share a room from with my mom, brother ,and sister. We live in a small apartment in Chicago. It only has one room and bathroom. There’s no space to anything. I get dress I only only six outfits and dress. When my dad died we had to sell almost everything to pay off the medical bills my left behind. He had brain cancer. He fight and fight but, the cancer won. I have to take care of my cloth a lot it’s the only I have left. My dress is only for Sunday Church. My mom is very catholic. She has a lot faith in God. I questioned it a lot. I remember one time I got slapped when I said, “ If there is a God, why did my dad die then.”She gave me a whole lesson about it. I didn’t care or listen whatever she said. My dad was gone and nothing can bring he back to me. He understand he know when I struggling in school . My mom works all day and night to keep my brother, sister ,and I alive.
    “Mija! It’s time to go hurry .”
    I rush and get ready . I run  to the front of the door and there they are waiting for me like always . We get in the old black car that my mom brought from a old man . The car barely run but, atleast it takes us to school and takes my mom to work. My mom leaves my brother and sister. My sister is 13 years old . My brother and her twin. Her name is Alex. She is very quiet never really says anything. She goes though . She was the one who was the closest to my dad. They were always together. My drops them off first then, me.

    School . School were worries increase and stress is worster . School isn’t for me . School is eight hours of hell. Eight hours of waste of time. Where I could be getting a job to help out my mom or something.But, no I go to a place where bullies run  the school . At school I put my head down and put my hoodie on. So, I wouldn’t get bullied or pushed around by prettiest , thinner , popular girls. Those girls get everything handed everything to them . The world is just for them. They always have new cloth and have no struggles in live. The world was just made for people who have money not just to bills but, use that money. Bell by bell until the last. I go running home because I have to care of my brother and sister. Where we do your homework  and eat whats there. Sometime there’s not enough food for the whole family.
    Nothing changes day by day for six month nothing has changed everything is the same.The endless nightmare that never leaves. 

          However, one day my mom decide to move to my grandparents house in New York. So, would could start all over . Yes , I was happy but, my nightmare has never ended , and don't know what to do . It’s different for me . I know this is going to help my family be better . Where there's food for everyone. My dad would be happy that we have started over .

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