The Manic Ex

March 7, 2009
By Anonymous

A gun was fired in the distance. Sarah gasped and looked around her, but didn?t see anything. Sarah sighed, said ?I must be losing my mind. There?s no gang activism here. Okay. Shut up, Sarah.? then continued on her way to her grandma?s house.
A few minutes later, the gun went off again, this time closer than before. A sickening thud followed the gunshot. A split second later, a girl that looked about ten or twelve ran out of a building ahead of Sarah. Her face contorted with terror, she cried out as she fell, scraping her face against the pavement. The girl spied something in the building that Sarah couldn?t see. She scrambled up, stumbled, started to run. A third gunshot rang out, this time too close for comfort. The girl dropped like a rag doll. Sarah gaped with horror at what she just witnessed.
She ran toward the girl, using her book bag as a cover just in case the killer saw her and decided to kill her too. Sarah reached the girl, turned her over. Bright spots of red marred the girl?s fiery red hair and the gray ground. Sarah covered her mouth with both of her hands and started to sob.
Suddenly a pair of hands seized her by her shoulders and forced her roughly to her feet. Sarah?s sob stuck in her throat. She took a deep breath, preparing to scream for help. Then Sarah had an idea. She made herself take another deep breath, counting to three. Then she elbowed her attacker in the stomach. Satifisying sounds of connection reached her ears!
Sarah started to run, but the mysterious hands grabbed her again. She spun around, catching the attacker off guard. He tried to hunch away and hides his face, but Sarah saw him. Her ex was splattered with blood, and bits of hair were smeared on the front of his shirt. She gasped, said, ?Cole? Cole Blue? Wha? did you kill that little girl and somebody else too? Why? Wher... How? Why???
Cole looked nervous, but said, ?Sarah, I?m sorry, but I have to kill you too since you saw me kill her.? Cole looked sorry, but pulled out a bloody gun. ?But I love you too much to kill you so I?ll knock you out and make you lose your memories. That?s better than being killed. Ha Ha Ha! Now, how should I knock you out? With the gun? or with my hands? (Looks at Sarah tenderly) I love you, Sarah.?
Sarah just looked so afraid that Cole got mad and told Sarah that she would learn to love him back. Then Sarah got knocked to the ground, with Cole straddling her. Cole raised his gun, brought it down hard and fast. Sarah cried out in pain as the gun connected with her temple. Cole brought it down again, this time meaning to kill her (he lied to her).
Cole heard a rustle in a nearby bush. Cole frozen, and then pointed the gun at the bush while getting to his feet. Time seemed to stand still to Sarah as she laid there; hoping help had arrived at last. Cole suddenly dropped down on the ground next to Sarah and signaled for her to be quiet. Sarah?s breaths grew hoarse and terrified as she flipped onto her stomach and watch the suspicious bush with her manic ex.
Cole pointed the gun at the bush again and took aim. Quite frightened, a black cat with a white-tipped tail jumped out of the bush and took off at top speed. Cole got up, laughing with relief mingled with nervousness. ?Dang cat.? Cole made Sarah flip back on her back, and then sat down again on top of Sarah, raising the gun high above his head. Cole brought it down.
The last thing Sarah remembered before passing out from the intensify of the pain was Cole?s bright, clear blue right eye and the dark, foggy green left eye looming out of the dark, staring at her and savoring her pain.

The author's comments:
i composed this paper years ago: I would like it if someone could comment on my paper

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