March Badness

April 1, 2009
By Mikayla Farr BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Mikayla Farr BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Why did my parents get a divorce? Why did my mom decide to move halfway across the country? Why couldn’t I stay with my dad and go to the same school? Billions of questions were running through my head as I walked through the unfamiliar halls of Cody Brown High School. People were staring at me like I was an emo emu. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my black skinny jeans. Walking into homeroom was even worse. The hottest footballers with their gorgeous cheerleaders by their sides, then me, and of course my newly assigned seat is in between Kevin Greenfield and Adam Brickstone, the lacrosse beasts. If only people knew who I actually am.. or was. I was one of the gorgeous cheerleaders, with a hot footballer by my side. I was best friends with the lax beasts. I was all these things, until the start of my March Madness.

“Darling what’s your name?” the creepy teacher said.
“Rachel… Rachel Armstrong.” I shakily replied.
Wow, I cannot believe he just called me DARLING. Everyone was chuckling and sneering in the background. It’s bad enough I just showed up in the middle of the year, no need to make it worse.
“Not on the list. Sit down darling. Your late to class.”
“Oh sorry, I got lost. I didn’t hear a bell ring. I couldn’t hear anything over this obnoxious whistle.
“That’s the bell, now sit down somewhere, and hurry. I have a class to teach, I’m Mr. Rapine by the way.”

The class was on the verge of up roaring laughter. How could I possibly be so stupid? The only seat left was in the back, next to Kevin. I tried my hardest not to look at him, but when I did, it scared me. He wasn’t laughing, or staring at me weirdly. He was smiling at me, a nice friendly smile. He winked too. Well, that’s a first. Maybe I won’t be so lonely after all.

When the bell finally rang, I could not wait to get out of the door, I guess I really couldn’t wait, because I fell flat on my face. Everyone BURST out laughing. Except for Frankie. Something is special about him..
“Guys, cut it out.” Kevin said with such sincerity that it made my heart melt.

I was speechless. Absolutely speechless.
“Come on Rach, I’ll walk you to your next class” He grabbed my arm and bolted out the door.
Billions more questions began to run through my head. Me? Why me? I’m just your average girl.. well. Now I am at least. My life was perfect. Head cheerleader, awesome boyfriend, and on an all-star cheer team that won at Worlds every single year. Could my life had gotten any better? After I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, yes. I lost all my friends, because they were all connected to him in some way, and apparently without him, I’m nothing. And guess what? We lost at Worlds. First. Time. Ever. The worse part, my parents decided to get a divorce, and my mom had to move all the way from Nevada, to Rhode Island. I had no friends, no cheer, and parents that were separated from my world.
“You okay? You look kind of.. well bad. Wait there’s my girlfriend. Sorry I have to go.”

Girlfriend? Wow, I thought we were having a connection. And I look BAD? Thanks for the support Kevin, and I thought I wouldn’t be a lonely emu. Well March Madness is turning into March BADNESS. At least my mom signed me up for this tumbling class tonight. I really need to find a new team.

Last class, 30 seconds left. Crap. My phone is ringing. Dad? WHAT? I can’t answer. Not now. Today has been bad enough. I can’t afford to get in trouble. Wow, that whistling bell is awful. I need to call dad.
“Hey dad…”
“It’s Michael.”
WHAT? Okay, so. He cheats on me. Now he calls me. ON MY DAD’S PHONE?
“Oh. Hey. What’s up?”
“I never cheated on you. I love you. Rebecca lied. Nothing ever happened. And your parents are fine. You overreacted. Your mom is on a BUSINEES TRIP. You threw a fit and went to Rhode Island with her, and chose some random school to show up at. Another one of your crazy mind things… you really should get that checked out.”

I hung up. March Madness. Definitely March BADNESS. No wonder I wasn’t on the list. And everyone was looking at me weirdly. My parents would have known that I would be going to a new school. Wow, this is awful. Well, at least I get my life back. Hopefully..

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