Boy named Luke

October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

I have no family, i only have my friends. At least i have someone we’re in this together me and my friends i guess they’re kinda my family in a way. I always have nightmares  about the last day i saw my parents it was the worst i still remember that day like if it happened today. I will never forget that day. It all started when i woke up getting ready for church. “LUKE! WAKE UP, NOW! GET READY FOR CHURCH!” yelled mom. I was already up and ready but i need to eat some breakfast, the church often serves food for the ones in need hopefully there's some left for me. Lately mom and dad have been struggling with the bills but i try not to worry because i'm only a kid.” We’re going to meet up with Ebenezer’s parents so hurry up Luke!”  said mom grabbing her keys. Ebenezer is my best friend we do piano lessons together and teach others, we’ve known eachother since we were little babies and we’ve been friends ever since. He was also very rich and his parents would occasionally give us food. We were outside and it was rather windy and the sky was gray and you can hear the dead leaves crunch when you walk. We went to church for about an hour and it always gives me hope that me and my parents will be successful and make lots of money one day. I feel the chilly wind blowing on face while we walk out the church. My parents wanted to thank Ebenezers parents for their recent donations so they offered to take them to a restaurant and pay for their food. “Bet we’ll get there first” Ebenezer said “psh you're on!” i smirked. We got on our car and my dad began to drive it was so peaceful but then a minute later they started to argue about money as always i tried to ignore it but they’re so loud. I tried to focus on the wind and how fresh it smells like fall but it was getting bad. Sometimes my dad would hit my mom and i would get really scared his voice would sound like a demon trying to possess someone. He started to speed and he swerved onto a nearby buss. I flew out the window and hit the sidewalk, the leaves cushion my fall so it didn't hurt that much but my parents were still in the car so i had to make sure they’re okay. Blood everywhere my mom pulled my shirts and whispered to my ear “Run Luke…. Take care of yourself and always believe” she then drifted away onto death. I was speechless so i ran as far away as i can i was terrified. But there was  two homeless kids who helped me said that orphanages were abusive and the worst So i decided to stay with them. Ever since that day nearly two years ago. “You okay, Luke” said both Matthew and Danny. “ yeah thanks to you guys” i smiled at them with a single tear dropping off my face. We hugged it out because they’ve done so much when i was lost after my parents death. I have nothing now but my friends Matthew and Danny and they usually buy a lottery ticket every month maybe one day we’ll get rich i doubt it though but it's worth a try. Danny suddenly said he had the perfect plan “ guys i have a plan what if we rob that store over there we can steal money and food, i have stolen bikes the other day and we can get away from those!” “youre joking right!” I said “No i have some other friends who are in this,  come on Luke we have to survive and we’re too young to work and get money” he said a bit angry “ Well”

Matthew said “ We do need the food and the money so i guess im in”  I was a bit shocked ive never did a crime before but im very hungry but its a bad idea. “ i'll think about it, give some time to think” i said stuttering a bit. “ Hurry because this is all going down in an hour when it gets dark”. I don’t my mom would ever approve of this but i need to survive and nobody will get hurt. I arrived to see a group of kids in a dark alley with weapons and Danny and this other kid had a gun. “ What the hell Danny whats the gun for?!” i rubbed my eyes to make sure if i'm not imagining it . “It's only for protection plus its empty nothing to worry about Luke now put on this mask. We walked to the store and i was really nervous the cold wind helped a little but at least i'm not doing this myself. I heard danny yelling put the money in the bag but i wasn't focused on him so i grabbed as much as food as possible. I heard the cops outside already and noticed the cashier was my old friend Ebenezer he was scared. Danny took him hostage i wanted to intervene but im sure he actually has bullets so i did nothing we were trapped. Danny then pushed him and shot him. “NOOOO!” i yelled then a cop fired a shot everyone ran but i think it hit me. I fell with next to Ebenezer and thought about my parents as i drifted away.

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its for school, friends!!

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