October 25, 2017
By vicky13 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
vicky13 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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It's a usual day, sunny as always not too cold, not too hot. Leaves blowing everywhere bouncing off fancy people shoes. here comes in the Harlem drug dealer talk, chubby bald guy also gots white Jordans and walks like a penguin. there goes a tall homeless guy acting like two birds giving each other food another day in Harlem.
“Luke, Luke”,Comes running Danny and Matthew.
Danny has been with me and Matthew for a few months. Danny's mom and dad were going through Marshall Street one of the most dangerous streets. Trash everywhere bud Light cans everywhere loud music thugs outside.
Danny's parents and him were driving home but there was a argument between thugs on the street each gang separated from one another. Soon after bullets started flying they hit windows, walls and Danny's dad. Danny's dad lost control and the car flipped over. Danny was the only one who survived. later on they put him in a foster home but he escaped ,now he's in the streets with me and Matthew.
Miss Matthew another hand left his house. his parents were actually really rich. They lived up on the grassy hills, quiet, wind blowing, river sounds it was gorgeous. His parents had a financial problem with there company. His parents started having more and more arguments soon after he graduated college and he left due to the arguments and ause he didn't want a life where his parents are in each other's throats all the time. I graduated college but in a instant life can change. Now his parents are in a drug addiction not so great.
“Luke Luke”
“Damn wait up, you walk really fast” Mathew says trying to breath in deeply.
“Come on there giving food down the street”
We wait in line a bunch of people in front of us. Homeless people take their food sit down and eat it quickly like they have never eaten before.some would run and rob the food of the homeless people sitting. They would run after each other but they would get i'd really fast and sometimes collapse.
There are three guys in front of us he is tall and skiing, his clothes are muddy and ripped with grass and leaves stuck to his back. He goes up to the tall red head and he ask for two plates of food but she says no. He walks away but runs back and takes the food of the guy that was behind him but the guy behind him is a veteran, well he was a veteran. The guy behind was very buff and looked brand new on the street, anyway he chases him down the street and tackles him and starts punching him until he is unconscious.
After we eat we go look for a place to sleep. I been living on the streets for for a while so i know which places are the best. I start walking and turn on Wolf st. Matthew and Danny keep walking to the next street, Grove st. Like usually there is nobody in the alley of Wolf st. Just cans and trash all over the ground. The dump truck is passing by barely fitting between these two tall buildings.i climb up the stairs to the top of the building and go look for the blankets on the roof of the building. I find my spot and lay there looking at the sky and the tips of the skyscrapers from the distances peace and quiet.
I hear screams in the distance and some gun shots i look down to street below me. A bullet passes through my shoulder. Bullets start hitting everywhere. They bounce off the walls , some stay or go the walls. I start bleeding a lot but it hurts too much. I squeeze my shoulder to push the bullets out and it popped and makes a thump when it hits the ground. I lay back. I feel the cold roof on by back but i can't feel it around shoulder. I try to not close my eyes but feel really dizzy my head is spinning i see two of everything. I slowly close eyes. The pain goes away, the stars are starting to fade away.

The author's comments:

Its about the life a homeless guy called luke.

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