Someone to care

October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

I can’t remember much about my biological parents, except they cared for me and my twin brother juan. They came to the united states 5 years before we were born, my father fernando took us to church every weekend then had a barbecue with the whole family and friends. My mom alexandra loved us and took care of us always getting us to school , well that was until they were taken taken from me and juan. 
The summer of 2005 is in new mexico is when we were separated. My mom and dad came here a visa than a year later it expired then we were born. Our parents knew it was better to have us in the US for all the benefits. But they were undocumented now. As i was saying in 2005 they were arrested, I don’t remember why but they made a choice we stay in the US without our parents or go to mexico where we might not be able to eat well for our parents it was obvious so we got put in a foster home.
We must have been through like 5 homes before we got but with Alix and Jane. Possibly the worst home we have in they didn’t care about us we were constantly pushed away. We almost didn’t  even get put together but two kids got them more money than one and  we both would never separate no matter what. Then we moved to california we lived in a small house but that was nothing new we soon learned we would never see our parents again. So we were stuck with them. It was really hard for juan he would never listen, he would constantly get hit and grounded. I always told him “there our parents know we have to atleast try” but it was hard when they didn’t try either. This was when we were 8 then school seven years later was another hard time juan hated our foster parents so he got into a little group, a gang or whatever I guess they became the family he never had.
I tried to get him out of that life but he just wouldn’t care. About a year later he got arrested and went to juvie for possession of narcotics and was gone for 7 months. I guess something changed him in there maybe it was the time he had to reflect on his dumb choices but he tried to leave his gang but not without consequences he got beat many times but our foster parents didn’t care we were on our own through thick and thin. At 16 we were at a new foster home an elderly deaf african american man took us in he was really nice. For once we had someone who cared, who listened, we both learned to communicate with him via sign language and expressions i was a great time then sadly two years later he passed away by a heart attack. Now we were 18 well almost we are actually 17.
A couple days later we got sent back to the big foster home we all live in before we get put with a family. We were really angry we finally had someone who cared than they were also taken away. Than it all went downhill juan went into a depression and wound himself back in a gang he completely blocked me out. We were 18 know it was both our birthdays  we were supposed to be together that night but he never came, The next morning i woke to the news stating he was in a shoot out and there were 4 dead my heart stopped and dropped i knew he was dead i couldn’t get the thought out of my head then i went down stares of the house and there he was he had a box in his hand i opened it it was a picture of our family before we were separated then i went and hugged him i was so glad he was alive apparently he never did join that gang and was working to get money to go to mexico to see our parents. A couple months later we both had enuff money and bought plane tickets to find them this was going to be an adventure and probably scary but all that mattered was that we are together.

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