The Clock Incident

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

I was at my Chinese class, the building was newly remodeled with more classrooms and wood flooring, but it didn't look like it, kids were always running around, and it made marks on the floor and the edge of the walls. I’ve been coming to this Chinese school since I was five, and I’ve known Max and Kristen since then. Our class was from 4 to 6, class was over so  parents came to pick up their kids. It was around 6:15, Kristen, Max, and I were left alone in our classroom. We were playing around with a tiny stress ball that was shaped like a basketball, our teacher, Mrs. Chen told us to put it away. A few minutes later the teacher left.

         Kristen is a bit of a tomboy she always wore hand-me downs from her brother and doesn't care about anyone’s opinion, she’s also hilarious, and very selfless. Max is short, lean, and generous, but greedy when he really wants something. We started to get bored so we started to play try not to touch the ground with a tied plastic bag filled with air, soon the bag had a hole in it. Kristen disobeyed the teacher and took out her stress ball and we started to play Monkey in the Middle. I was in the center trying to catch the ball, while Kristen and Max were throwing it to each other. We tried to tell Max to throw lower, but he didn’t listen. Max was throwing the stress ball to Kristen and he threw it too high, BOOM! CLASH! Down came the clock. We heard loud, high heeled footsteps slowly coming towards us.

          “Uhh guys, someone's coming.” Kristen said in a hushed tone.

          “Oh no.” I said shaking. That moment, Max and I were thinking the same thing, HIDE THE EVIDENCE.

          We put the clock back up, and attempted to hide the glass by scooting the glass next to the edge of the wall, but it was too late there was still glass everywhere. ”What happened? Who did that?” It was Mrs. Tang, she's a stubborn, strict teacher who yelled a lot. She obviously knew what was going on, but wanted us to explain ourselves to get all of the details. She stood there, quietly waiting for us to reply, meanwhile all three of us stood there looking at each other terrified. So many things were going through my head, I’ve never gotten into trouble before, other than getting grounded at home. I couldn’t stand the silence any longer and suddenly, the words just fell out of my mouth.

           “Max did it.” Kristen immediately interrupted me and said,

           ” No, it was nobody’s fault, everyone was involved.” All of the sudden I completely regretted what I said before. It was very awkward, Mrs. Tang stood there still thinking and the three of us stood still, giving each other frightened looks. My heart was racing faster than ever, and my hands started to become sweaty. Finally, she decided to take a picture of us holding the clock, and she helped clean up the glass. Thankfully the clock still worked, even though the glass shattered. When Mrs. Tang left, I tried to apologize to Max, but he completely ignored me.

          The next day, our teacher came in the classroom and didn’t notice the broken the clock. Until later Mrs. Tang came in our classroom, immediately the three of us glanced at each other. She whispered something into our teacher’s ear and showed her the picture of us on her phone. Then Mrs. Chen gave us a look that said, I told you so. After Mrs. Tang left, Mrs. Chen told us to come outside. I expected her to be furious, but I could tell she really tried to stay calm. She gave a lecture, about what we did was wrong, and it lasted for what seemed like forever. Our punishment was to write a 2 page essay about what we did wrong and what we should do in the future. I really learned my lesson.

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