The Lazy Liar

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

“Sarah, it’s time for Kumon,” my mom hollered. I was too busy daydreaming about Barbie’s dream house to care what my mom had shouted. After she shouted 3 times I figured it had to be important.

“Coming Ma,” I replied. I ran to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice and a brownie. Just as I opened our creaking fridge my hand turkey from last year in kindergarten fell down. It had 3 fluffy pink feathers and a big red mark on the top right corner that said LATE. I put it back and got my snack.  I rushed down to our car that smelled an awful lot like French fries.

“Did you bring your Kumon bag Sarah,” my mom asked doubtfully.

“Oopsy! I’ll be right back,” I went back in and brought my banged up blue bag that said KUMON in faded letters.

     I went there 2 times a week and there is a homework packet for every single day. Kumon had been extremely boring as always, and I forgot to do my homework as always. The only thing different was this time my mom asked the mean Chinese lady at the front desk how I was doing. I hated the front desk lady. She gave all the other kids stickers for doing a good job, but I never got a sticker. The whole car ride back home was a long lecture from my mom about my lack of “responsibility.” Then when I got home my mom said, “No TV for you every day till you finish your Kumon packet.” I couldn’t believe it. It took me forever to finish Kumon packets. I can never watch Barbie again, not that my mom cared. So that night I came up with a plan.

     The plan began the next afternoon after yet another lame day of school. I knew the plan had to began now because my mom yelled “Sarah, finish your Kumon!” I went in my room with my Kumon bag and took out the packet of the day. But instead of doing the packet I locked my door and hid it in a small basket in my closet. My mom would never know and neither would the mean front desk lady. If my mom thought I was doing my work, then she wouldn’t bother asking how I was doing in Kumon. If I came out of my room immediately, then my mom would question how I finished fast today. So I put the next part of my plan into action. I didn’t know how to read time so I came up with my own units. I decided that if I walked slowly in a circle along my room it would be a measure of 1 minute. So I would walk around my room 10 times so it would look like I got faster but not too fast. After measuring 10 minutes  I went out and told my mom I had finished. First she raised her eyebrows, then she said,” See, even with a little practice you are getting better.” My plan had worked but I felt something uneasy inside.

     That week I went to Kumon once again without finished homework. Lucky for me my mom had dropped me outside so she wouldn’t know. Every day that week my plan had worked, but now it was time to face the mean front desk lady. When I went inside I was awestruck. There was a different lady at the front desk. She seemed younger and nicer. I went in and asked her, “ Where is Mrs.Li?” At first she looked confused. Then she replied, “Mrs.Li moved to a different KUMON location. I will be the new desk manager. You can can me Alice.” I told her hesitantly, “Sorry, I forgot my homework at home. Can I bring it next time?” She nodded and told me to go inside. I went inside and did my happy dance. After class she gave me a unicorn sticker. “Thank you so much Alice,” I said with a huge grin.

“You’re welcome. See you next time!”

“Mrs.Li is not here! Mrs.Li is not here! Mrs. Li is not here,” I chanted as I entered the waiting room. I could feel the adults' eyes staring at me and a few even chuckled. My cheeks turned red and a sat down in a corner to wait for my mom.

     My plan had worked for 3 months now and I was beginning to feel strange things. I felt like something was eating me inside out. Every time I saw my mom, my heart beat faster. I couldn’t handle the guilt anymore. I had to tell her, but it was too late.


     That day my mom called me to my room. I walked slowly toward my room praying that she hadn’t found out. But then she said, “Hey Sarah look what I found in your closet,” and my heart sunk in my ocean of lies. She looked disappointed and angry. For a slightly irresponsible kid like me that was the worst look from a parent. Then she yelled the worst words I had ever heard in  my life. “ NO MORE BARBIE!!”


     From that day on I actually did my Kumon packets, considering my mom watched over me like a hawk.  My grades did get better and I still had time to watch Barbie. I eventually grew out of Barbie but the lesson I learned that day was unforgettable. I learned it the hard way, but I am thankful I learned it early. Laziness is never a good reason to lie.

The author's comments:

My Language Arts teacher inspired me to write this piece. He told me to write with my voice, honesty. This story reveals a lesson I needed to learn.

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