The Tree that Fell on Love

March 31, 2009
By Kayla-G. BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kayla-G. BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Love went on a walk
A long peaceful walk
Down the valley of hope
Into the city of Faithfulness and
Across the street of happiness
Then the road got narrow
Love could hardly pass
It turned the corner of destruction
Stomped past the dump of unfaithfulness
Cried in the city of sorrow
And walked past the park of hate
That’s when the tree fell on Love
Love began to fade and hate began to grow
Trust ran away and peace ceased its play
Then Love began to fight
It fought for its life
Love wanted to send warmth for those who still cared
Love defeated hate
And grew with much hope
That Tree that fell on Love blew away as ashes in a gentle wind
Then, Love walked again
Now, Love did not walk alone
This time Love walked with Caution
They walked together down the path of joy
Rejoiced in the ocean of mirth
And played in the country of Laughter
However, now, they walked slowly
Caution led the way
They watched out for destruction and avoided the road of torment
But Love never gave up
while burdened with a scar that slowly began to fade
Love loved again
and though the tree fell
over and over again
Love used it to become strong
So when the tree fell once more, Love laughed it off
Stood up with Courage and continued the walk
The long peaceful walk
Down the valley of hope
and onto the path of the future

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