October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Even though it was freezing and there was little light out, it was nice to be out of the house. The cold made me think of curling up in a ball with a warm blanket and watching tv. My friend, Fiona, was running and jumping with me. My mom had told us slow down.  Fiona turned gave her a look and then continued faster. But I was always the more sensible one, so I slowed down. We got to the playground which was colored with bright red and blue. There were no kids running around, just Fiona and I. Which was just how I liked it. After a while, we got bored and started talking. For some reason Fiona was obsessed with some show called Winx. She sat there badgering on about fairies and evil fairies.  I sat there just saying  yes, ok, or ohhhhh. She eventually caught on. Her faced turned into a bright maroon-ish color and began to bash me to make me listen. But, it didn’t work.She punched me and yelled at me for not listening. I tried to lie but the show she was talking about was so boring. And the whole time I thought she was saying rings. She started kicking me saying, “I deserved it.” I took it as usual. Mostly because I didn't want her getting back to her parents that I was mean.


Then I turned and saw a random guy hanging out on the play structure. He was walking around the structure, eyeing the park. He seemed to be searching for something. The man was tall and looked like the type of person your parents warned you about. He wore dark black clothing, and looked to be in his late teens. He started staring at Fiona and smiling.  I looked back at Fiona she started talking again. I looked again and saw him climbing down the play structure, still smiling at Fiona. He began to walk toward us. The guy came within arms reach of us when passed us then sat down and said hi. Fiona did not hesitate to talk to him. I assume this was because she thought I wasn’t listening again. The man immediately started talking to her. “Did you know they started selling winx dolls. I have some and winx costumes. Just at my house around the corner. Wanna see?”  
“Uhhhh I don’t know, I’ll have to ask my nanny.”  I tried to join in but he  was more interested with  Fiona. My mom had not been paying attention to us. The guy had told us his, “story”. He told us that his parents were divorced and that he needed new friends. ,I tried to tell Fiona to go near my mom with me. She said no, she liked this man.

He tried to grab Fiona but she shrugged him. He backed off asking if we should go on the swings. We went to the swings, as I became more suspicious. We swung on the swings for a while. I remembered something my mom told me. A similar event like this had occurred, but my mom was with us. We were at a mall walking around. A stranger grabbed Tetua and I aside. He said, “ I saw you guys looking at the power ranger toys, I have toys too. At my house though.” My mom turned around and pushed the guy aside. She held our hands and rushed us out the mall. I felt more cautious after i remembered that. When I tried to get her to come with me they disregarded my existence. Like he only wanted Fiona and she didn’t care. He kind of touched her softly. I asked Fiona again to come closer to my mom. I thought this would scare him off. But Fiona scrunched up her face and said, “NO!” He encouraged me to go on my own. But I stayed back, not wanting to leave Fiona alone with him. We went to the slides when he did something very unusual. He sat behind Fiona to go down the slide gently. I took no second thought to it. As parents usually did that with babies. I did want to go get my mom. But I couldn't see her. Which may have been the reason why the man went down with Fiona.  He asked Fiona if she wanted to go to his house again saying, “It’s not too far from here.” This triggered my internal alarms,  “Why would he ask to take us to his house?” I said in my head. She said no and not ten minutes passed when he asked it again. We answered no again, he again asked us it ten minutes later. He asked and asked. Until I said,”Let me go ask my mom.”  He looked alarmed at this but let me leave. I thought again thought it would scare him off, I was stalling. Fiona stayed with the guy to talk to him. I walked fast to my mom. I interrupted my mom’s conversation and said,”Mom there's a weird guy Fiona with.” She ended the call and shook me. She asked me,”Where is Fiona.” She pushed me aside and saw her. She made me go back and get her. I grabbed her. Fiona talked to the guy and ignored me. I ran back to my mom whose face was red and her tone rude. She pushed me out of her way and walked to Fiona. When I gained my balance, the guy was gone. I saw him walking away. He paced himself as he saw my mom. My mom gathered our stuff and walked us to the car. I think about this often. It was forgotten by Fionas. She was mostly just mad that my mom made us leave early. But I remember what happened, and how he touched her and how he looked at her. I dread the thought of it.

The author's comments:

Memories, and the fact that this was the least saddening thing to me. There were other stories I could have used but, it would have hurt me too much. And make me burst into tears.

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