There She Goes

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

 That was it. I had lost my furry friend, my “companion for life”, or as I would call her my best friend. She is a loyal companion to me. She was everything to me, and I thought that I would lose her forever. Peaches, my dog, just left me. Peaches was 6 months at that time, so she would slip and slide everywhere she ran. She would also wag her tail and sit patiently when somebody is on the front porch. It all started off on a summer evening, with a bright sunset so bright, I thought I was going to get blind just by looking at it. The sky usually isn’t so pretty at 5 P.M. The streets were busy, the sidewalks were filled with people; it was just one busy day. The clouds looked like pink, shredded cotton balls. The sky had an ombre from violet to a coral pink. South Stelling Road was packed with cars that it would have it would have taken half an hour to get from one traffic light to another.

I was just cleaning up an art project that I had done. The brushes were scattered everywhere, the paint was on my face, but I was finished. “Mom! I don’t want to wear a stupid dress to Eesha’s party! I mean, come on! It’s a bowling birthday party! Who wears a dress at a bowling alley!”, I argued with my mom, while cleaning my workspace. My mom is short and loves to wear ponytails all the time. She was just finishing cooking dinner for the night. She is all about looking good in the public, and she wants  me to practice ”good habits”. “Well, aren’t you supposed to look good at the birthday? That is why you have all those pretty dresses!”, said my mom. “Mom, you don’t understand! I don’t think you are supposed to wear a dress to a bowling party!”, I said.  Peaches just awoke from what felt like a 5 hour nap. Peaches had really good senses, for example, a car just parked at our front driveway, and she can hear pretty well.


My father, tall, bald, and glasses, along with a beard; just parked his car on the driveway. Peaches she started galloping like a horse and she sat quietly in front of the main door because she knew that my dad was home. She sat down so fast and she start wagging her tail. Usually, I would hold her collar when somebody opens the door so that she doesn’t run out of the house. However, I was in the process of washing my hands for dinner. Peaches and I heard my dad walking stepping on the porch. “ Oh no! I have to hold her collar before she runs out of the house!” I thought. I ran across the house to grab Peaches’s collar, but I was too late.


While I was halfway there, my dad unlocked the door and Peaches was filled with excitement. The main door was wide open, and there was enough room for her to squeeze through. While she was jumping up on my dad in excitement, she managed to squeeze through the door and run out of the house. My eyes were so wide open that I thought they would pop out. My heart was beating 10 times faster, and I was panicking! My dad turned around and panicked, too. “Dad! Run! Get Peaches!”, I yelled, on the verge of tears. Whenever many mom hears that kind of tone, she gets worried. She ran from the kitchen as fast as she could to see what was going on. “What’s going on?”, asked my mom, in a worried tone. The next moment she realized that Peaches was sprinting out the door, towards her death.


My dad was stiff, so I ran so fast that I felt the wind against my face. My legs were filled with energy as I sprinted. While I was sprinting, I was thinking,“What if I don’t find Peaches? What if I lose her forever?”. I ran all the way to the sidewalk, and I was relieved to see her running to an old man with a chocolate lab.  Peaches started to like the dog, so then she sat by the owner. “Aww, are you lost? Why don’t I take a look? We will take you back home!”, said the old man, kindly. I just reached the sidewalk and I looked from left to right. I spotted Peaches, and I was so thankful that she did not do on the streets. I was catching up to them. I quickly picked her up as the old man was about to check Peaches’s collar.


“Oh, who are you? You can’t just take a dog like that!”, said the old man. “Well, this is my dog, Peaches, and she is coming home with me, where she belongs. However I really appreciate trying to help. Thank you,” I said, trying to hold Peaches. “Oh, you’re most certainly welcome. Now,  you two have a good rest of your day,” said the old man. I started walking back home, Peaches trying to wriggle out of my hands. When my parents saw me holding her, they were so relieved. My mom started crying in happiness. God fulfilled my prayers and I knew from now on, don’t think negative, or else negative things will occur.

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Mr.Gr said...
on Nov. 13 2017 at 9:57 pm
Mr.Gr, Cupertino, California
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You focused on the most interesting parts, included setting and lots of detailed descriptions. And you included inner thinking from the character. Well done!

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