October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

      I opened the door, and I didn’t hear anyone around my house. There was a disturbing silence around my house, and I had a feeling that no one was home. “Where is everybody?”, I thought. “Hello!”, I yelled. My voice echoed in the large white hallway which was awfully weird. My mom was usually home by now, sipping coffee by the chocolate brown table, relaxed because my sisters were in day care. It didn't seem like anyone had been in the house for a while. When I started to search the house, I started to think of things that could have happened to my mom, and that freaked me out which made me tear up a little bit. I scolded myself by saying to stop being such a chicken. After that, I waited for someone to knock the door. It was so silent I could hear my heartbeat. When I would hear something, I would jump thinking that someone was there watching me. Finally, I could hear someone's keys turning to open the door, so I ran to the door, quickly opening it feeling a relieved sensation. Little did I know that something life changing was going to happen to me after I opened that door. I first saw my dad, then my sisters and my grandmother. Finally, I laid my eyes on her, and that is something I will never forget in my entire life. I couldn’t believe that someone that I loved, cared about, and was very close, could be like that. Her eyes were pink and swollen from crying with tears flowing down from her cheeks. Her face was wrinkled with a pained look across it. I couldn't figure out what emotion she was feeling because she looked like she was in pain, but seemed like she was feeling guilty from fault. The wrinkled purple shirt she wore was slightly soaked from tears. She kept on mumbling sorry to my dad about something. I couldn't figure out what it was because of the constant sobbing and heavy breathing. When I would look at her, I would feel a sharp pain in my chest because I felt so deeply broken. From the moment she arrived, and the moment I first heard her spoke I knew one thing was for sure, my mom had gotten into a bad car accident. My dad started to take her to my parents bedroom and she would sulk when she would walk. After that, when my mom was in bed, my dad told me to go and get her medicine. When I left the room, I felt like I was left with a huge burden on my shoulders. I felt like just screaming at the person who did this to her, and I felt like a piece of my heart had died. I finally got to the kitchen where I swung open the medicine cabinet, which felt like I had to put all my energy in it. When I started to move my hand towards the medicine my mom needed, it was the first time in my life that I realized that I was so lucky to have parents that loved me. But as I realized that, I also started to cry, and as my tears started to flow down, I thought of so many things. I even thought about the possibility that my mom could have died in that car crash. When I started to taste the salty tears, I kept on seeing my mom's face and feeling that pain over and over again. As I started to cry, I slid down onto the floor and thought about my life. I started to think about the good times I had with my mom. That moment when I saw her though, I just wanted to crawl up into a ball and cry. I kept on telling myself, if I had been there then I could have stopped that car accident. “Why are you so useless when a person you love needs you!”, I yelled at myself in my brain. I finally got up and pushed myself to my parents bedroom feeling like I would collapse from the weight. My mom quickly took the medicine and fell asleep. She slept like a baby in that quiet room where I could hear my heartbeat and the soft whistling of the wind through the open window. I felt a sense of relief and could feel the weight starting to slowly slip off my shoulders. That was the day when I realized that time is precious and I should try to soak in every small moment with my mom.

The author's comments:

I hope the people that read my story will learn that you should always cherish those moments with the people you love because you never know when their or your time will end in this world.

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