The Worst Halloween Ever

October 23, 2017
By BabyBokchoy BRONZE, SARATOGA, California
BabyBokchoy BRONZE, SARATOGA, California
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My Halloween plan is so perfect. I’ll meet my friend Mark and Thomas at the entrance of James rd. at seven o’clock. We have a list of our neighbors; Mrs.Brown who is giving jumbo size Hershey bars every year, Mr. Hook who prepares all kinds of good candies, and Mr. Smith who has the scariest Halloween decorations. I am already in my Ninja costume and ready to go out for Trick or treat, but time is too slow. I still need to wait for one more hour.
I turn on the TV to kill time, and one of my favorite show “American Ninja Warriors” is about to start. If the team Ninja Squad will pass the Crazy Cliffhanger, he will definitely make the finals. I cheer as loud as I could, however the Ninja Squad fails to grab the thin bar at the last moment and falls down. Suddenly, my brain moves quickly and I decide to try parkour at home. My whole house becomes the Ninja warrior challenge arena, and every furniture changes to a hard obstacle in the real game. I run around here to there like a real Ninja warrior until an accident happens. The living room looks perfect to finish my last course to move to the finals. The TV stand turns to the warped wall and I jump high. It’s the perfect moment to finish my game as a hero. As I jump onto the TV stand, I lose my balance and fall down with the TV. Dizzy with pain, I could only feel the thick blood running down my face. My mom screams for help in my dream and I can’t remember anything after that. I am in the small bed of emergency room and the doctor is stitching my right eyebrow. The doctor says,  “Don’t worry boy, you will be handsome enough without your eyebrow.” He tells me that the edge of TV cut my skin on the eyebrow.  “How could this happen to me. I missed Halloween!!!” I roared. Later the doctor comes to me and gives me a bag full of candy. It’s not a good day, but it is a day that I’ll never forget.

The author's comments:

I wrote this pece because these events had happened in real life. I just combined two of my most unfortunate events and made it into a more interesting story.

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