A Beach Bear

November 9, 2017
By Luiz. SILVER, Tirana, Other
Luiz. SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Gabriel and his family were on summer vacation at the Vancouver Island. One afternoon after a few hours at the beach the family started to walk back to their car. As they were walking back to their car Gabriel’s little sister, Soline, spotted a big black bear. The bear was right in the middle of the beach and they didn’t really have a place to go. On their right side was the forest and on their left was the water. They did not know what to do and got a little bit scared that the bear would notice them and attack them. They went far away from the bear so that they could run away and the bear wouldn’t catch up with them.  If they went through the forest the bear would hear them and maybe approach them so they didn’t try to go through the forest.

They also thought of trying to swim around the bear and then go to their car. But they had no way to carry their items so they couldn’t swim around it. The bear was eating some berries from a bush so it had something to be distracted by and couldn’t notice the family. They waited for a bit but the bear wouldn’t move at all. So they tried to think of something to do about it.

  ”How about we try and go around it quietly?” asks Brian.“Come on, let’s try it.”
  “Fine, we’ll go” says Gabriel.

They all quietly started to sneak around the bear but after getting a bit close the bear noticed them. The bear was staring at them and they were scared it would charge at them, so they went back to where they were.

The family didn’t try to phone anybody or yell for help. They felt confident that the bear wouldn’t attack them. All they did was look around the beach for people, but didn’t find anyone.

  “What are we gonna do? The bear’s not moving at all,” said Gabriel.
  “I don’t know maybe we just wait here until it moves away,” his father replies.
  “What if it takes hours for it to move?” cried Gabriel.
  “We have no other choice Gabriel.” says his father.
  After knowing that they had no other choice they just had to wait for the bear to move. While waiting they tried to think of other ideas to get to their car.
  “Do you guys have any idea what we're gonna do?”asks Gabriel’s dad.
  “No!”replied everyone.
  “Alright then think of something to do or else you’ll get bored,” said Gabriel’s dad.

While still waiting for the bear to move, Gabriel and Soline played tic tac toe in the sand with sticks. Gabriel’s mother, Jullie, was reading a book she had brought with her. Gabriel’s dad didn’t really do anything he just laid on the sand and stayed there for a while. After the family waiting for 2 hours the bear finally got up and went into the forest. Then they all stood up sore, after staying in the same spot the whole time, band went back to their car happy and relieved.

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