Accountants and Pizzas

October 7, 2017
By Jessmat BRONZE, Dubai, Other
Jessmat BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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Glasses with heavy eyes ,a bag clutched to the chest doing a desk job from 7am to 8 pm , preparing various statistics and annual reports ,going back home and answering more
e-mails ; isolated .

These are the kinds of people that do not fit in the social life of society, they don’t laugh at jokes, excluded from society they start looking for flaws ; where they turn into shrewd small minded people picking on each other.

They believe in professionalism , a bit too much if you may ask .

Desks with neat piles of post- it’s with tons of files stacked sky high ,drawers full of stationary from small paper clips to pins. Most of all they are ORGANIZED.

These people are usually ,fully prepared all the time ; this bugs all others ,thus being another reason to be excluded .Most of them have fully charged phones and a back-up charger always in their dashboard(and another one just in case the backup charger needs a backup) (frown)These are also the kind of people that immediately hold out their umbrella when it drizzles as the rest of the crowd stares in surprise ,soaking and not to mention frowning. They hold it out with pride- for themselves, accompanied be a ‘don’t you read the news ‘ smirk.

Now, Not to mention parties or meetings, lets say they don’t realize their effect. People dare to ask an accountant questions, this is because the rest of the "normal" society is unaware of the high significance of every ".0 " in the balance sheet and reports of every month for the entire year made everyday …this causes the person to walk  or rather sprint away with ‘so called’ prior commitments.
Perhaps making balance sheets and punching numbers all day long make an individual numb.
“Hey man, lets get a pizza “ says this kind hearted soul. " I don’t eat pizza  because 62 % of people die of obesity caused by foods such as pizza you see, I knew I would be tired today therefore I cooked my food in advanced and…. "  followed by the walk-a-way of the kind hearted soul.
So what is the secret life of accountants ? Do they really eat pizzas ?

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